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What I heard: Our Major League Baseball insider Bob Nightengale (Bob Nightengale), after discovering that he had tested positive for COVID-1

9 in a brutal World Series game, against the Dodgers and Justin Turner made a breakdown.

USA Today

Arlington, Texas-Major League Baseball is only two innings away from the audience, completing the 2020 season in a global pandemic.

But then the phone changed everything.

Commissioner Rob Manfred (Rob Manfred) received a call, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner (Justin Turner) tested positive for COVID-19. He immediately called Dodgers owner Mark Walter and President Andrew Friedman and ordered them to get Turner off the court as soon as possible.

Turner was removed and ordered to be isolated in a room outside the clubhouse. At the end of the game, the World Series trophy celebration began, Manfred left the field, only Turner returned to participate in the celebration.

World Series: Season ended due to breach of agreement

‘UNFORTUNATE ENDPOINT’: Turner’s return allowed the Dodgers to win

The Major League Baseball security officer instructed Turner not to leave the club, but he refused, went on the field, took photos with the trophy, hugged his teammates tightly, and even stood in the front row of the captain without a mask, sitting next to the manager Dave Roberts.

Major League Baseball officials are very optimistic, and Manfred plans to issue a strong statement on Wednesday condemning his actions.

After Turner spent three weeks in a Dallas hotel with his teammates and the Tampa Bay Rays, how he contracted the virus with the virus is currently unknown, but Major League Baseball is conducting a full investigation.

“We really don’t know yet,” Manfred told USA Today. “I don’t want to guess. It is important for us to have a clear understanding of their health and everyone in the hotel before making them relax.

“It is important to know, if possible, how it happened so that we are confident whether we need to do it again (to stay in the bubble).”

The Dodgers hope to return to Los Angeles on Wednesday morning, but they are waiting for test results to determine if any other players, employees or family members have tested positive. ”

If the Rays win on Tuesday night, the seventh game of the World Series may be postponed for a few days.

Manfred said: “It depends on the results we get in follow-up tests, it depends on the spread and how we evaluate the situation.”


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