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Justin Bieber shines in the new song “Lonely” (SNL)

Being famous can be frightening and sad, especially when you are young. This is what Justin Bieber is trying to tell his fans, this is the “Saturday Night Live” he sang in the heart-pounding new song “Loneliness”.

He quietly began to sing in the locker room and sang to himself in the mirror.

“What if you have everything but no one calls? Maybe you will know me by then.” “Because I already have everything, but no one listens. It̵

7;s so lonely. I’m lonely.”

He walked across the hall of the recording studio to the stage and sang: “Everyone sees that I am sick, and it feels like no one is giving [shit]. They criticized what I did when I was young. “

Bieber released the music video of the song at midnight on Friday. It features his vocals, but when he was young, Bieber starred in 14-year-old Jacob Tremblay from “Room”, who struggled with success and pain.

As early as on “SNL”, Bieber launched another new song “Holy”, which mixes religion and love for his wife Hayley Baldwin Bieber, which looks a bit like a manger with a neon cross .He was joined by Chance the Rapper, a collaborator on the track.

Check out these two performances in the top video and here:

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