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“Justice League” actor Ray Fisher accuses Warner Bros. of lying to Zach Snyder

Ray Fisher is related to Warner Bros. film producers and executives Justice League. Fisher accused director Joss Whedon (Joss Whedon) and executives Geoff Johns (Geoff Johns), Jon Berg (Jon Berg) and Toby Emmerich (Toby Emmerich) of alleged abuse and racism.Fisher will return to a new scene in the movie Zach Snyder’s Justice League At HBO Max.

Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher | Fraser Harrison/Getty Images

Fisher conducted a new interview with Forbes on October 29, updating his claims and the state of WarnerMedia’s investigation. The story includes the defense of representative Whedon, who defended the editor’s decision and made Fisher’s release time less. Fisher explained in more detail whether he thought the studio had misrepresented Wheaton’s participation.

Ray Fisher supports Zack Snyder’s departure from the “Justice League”

After finishing the main photography, Snyder had to leave Justice League Participate in family tragedies. When Whedon stepped in to complete the remake and complete the filming of the film, Fisher initially supported the decision, believing that it was in Snyder’s best interest to do so.

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Fisher said to Forbes: “You must understand that Zach quit his life with his family, and we hope to give him space to do so.” “He and I did not speak for about a year after leaving.”

Ray Fisher feels Warner Bros. lied to Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon

During this period Justice League In a group at Comic-Con, Fisher praised Whedon’s intervention. Two years later, he withdrew his comments. His interview with “Forbes” (Forbes) to learn more about why he retracted the book.

Justice League: Ray Fisher
Ray Fisher | Tim Whitby/Getty Images

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Fisher told Forbes: “On the one hand, the actors and staff were told that Zac personally selected the film for Jos,” “I didn’t realize it was a complete lie until after the reshoot. I heard whispers and rumbles. It disappeared behind the scenes, but it was not specific until a long time later. They asked us to go to the San Diego Comic Con in 2017 and said that Zac chose Jos, and Jos is a good person. I still receive emails with these talking points.”

Ray Fisher is not worried about future roles

Fisher knew he was screaming in front of a large studio. At this time, he is ready to accept any influence.

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“I don’t worry about the consequences,” Fisher said. “I know the threats I face. If people don’t want to work with me because of my refusal to tolerate abuse and the cover-up culture of old Hollywood, so be it. If nothing else, I will exit the business the way I came in. Freedom and my own will. Can you dig it out?”

Ray Fisher hopes Hollywood will cherish what he takes risks

Fisher Justice League Costa Rica’s supporters included him, including Jason Momoa, who blasted an announcement about the “Snowman” project, and he felt that the announcement distracted Fisher’s story.

Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa
LR: Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa | Willa Anderson/WireImage

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Fisher said: “No matter what I think of the people involved, I am not interested in the simple goal of people being allowed to pile up dogs and scapegoats.” “I am not competing with Warner Bros. I am against a few. People try to use Warner Bros. to cover up their footprints. All the important film and television work I do is done under the banner of WarnerMedia. I love what I do and I’m very happy with whom I am with together.”

Fisher does ask fans to consider who gets more revenue from it Justice League Happening.

Fisher said: “You really have to ask yourself, what is a more reasonable option? I will deliberately make remarks about influential people in Hollywood and ruin my career. If it is not true, it is easy to be refuted. “Or, a few people in power have spoken and done terrible things in order to maintain this power in large-scale company mergers.”

The future of the “Justice League” case

A new investigator investigated Fisher’s claims. Fisher told Forbes that he still kept certain details until later. Fisher implies that he can still speak freely.

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Fisher said: “In a lawsuit as notorious as Hollywood, I didn’t get as many facts as the suspension notice. I should be able to tell you something.” “Participants know that I’m telling the truth. They are just looking for it. A way to reduce blowback.”

If Fisher’s appeal goes to court, the actor is not sure how he will behave.

Fisher said: “WarnerMedia knows that I don’t have the financial means to stand up against them in court.” “Emerich, Wheaton and others may all do the same. My guess is that WarnerMedia is looking for two items. The smaller one in the lawsuit.”

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