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Jovita Moore of Channel 2 recovered from brain tumor surgery – WSB-TV Channel 2

Atlanta-On Friday morning, Channel 2’s Jovita Moore is recovering after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.

Jovita’s operation is progressing well, and the doctor said she is a model patient.

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The operation was performed a few days after the doctor found two small bumps on her brain.

Jovita underwent an MRI after noticing symptoms on Monday afternoon. Just before it aired on Monday, Jovita told Justin Farmer on Channel 2 that she was not feeling well.

“I’m really worried about why suddenly I am forgetful, lost, and just can’t feel myself. It feels like I’m in the fog, and I really want to get rid of that fog,” Giovita said.

Later that night, when she walked through the grocery store parking lot, she realized it wasn’t just feeling uncomfortable.

Giovita said: “The blessing in disguise made me almost fainted and walked into Publix.” “I was walking. I remember walking through the parking lot and feeling like I didn’t want to enter the door. I was almost like walking in quicksand.”

After scanning her brain, she found two small bumps.

“This is very important. There will be many.” Jovita said: “Two small tumors are close to each other and they must leave. “Then we have to start discussing what it is and what it means. “

Her neurosurgeon, Dr. Edjah Nduom, said that he and his team are working on a plan of action.

“I can tell you that Jovita is optimistic, optimistic, and surrounded by love. All these things will feed people in a good place to recover. People who behave well in this situation tend to do better. Nduom said.

The recovery from surgery will last 8-10 weeks, and we will provide you with the latest information about her progress on Channel 2 Action News on WSBTV.com.

“I think at least a few more weeks after the operation.” I’m not sure when it will return to normal, but I will wait until then. “she says.

Jovita said she was overwhelmed by the love and support of the community. She asked to continue praying as she continued the next battle.

“I know we have a great audience. I know that praying soldiers will be at work,” Giovita said. “I just think this is something I need to share. I don’t want to disappear from the air in a few months. I want people to know what’s going on. In addition, I also want to feel that energy, pouring and support. I know they will Bring it.”

If you want to share your good wishes with her, Please visit this page. Jovita will not accept gifts or flowers. If you are interested in supporting her, she will ask you to donate to one of the following organizations:

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