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Jose Mourinho just threw his Spurs under the bus. once again.

Tottenham Hotspur lost at West Ham United today. This is their fifth defeat in the past six games. Since the start of the new year, they have scored only 7 points in 24 goals, which puts them firmly in the middle, almost ensuring that the only way for them to enter the Champions League next season is to win the European League.

Since then, Spurs coach Mourinho even released more news due to various wrong reasons. Even when the Spurs slid farther and farther on the table, he complained about his players’ poor results and insisted on his coaching. method.

This is what he said to the BBC after the game, which caused such controversy.

“I don̵

7;t think we are realizing our potential. Even though I have thought for a long time that there are problems in the team that I cannot solve alone as a coach.

“Our potential is much higher than our potential, of course there is a sense of frustration. We should be in a better position.”

Blushing isn’t good at first glance, right? To be sure, he not only has to throw his team under the bus, but also supports them several times to make sure.

But hey-if you want to read these quotes generously and let us do it for the sake of arguing, you can keep your eyes open and say that what Mourinho is trying to convey is that the team is not reaching its potential. even if Some are understaffed, but he has not maximized him do Has his control. Someone has spoken skillfully, but he is not an English speaker either. So maybe he was responsible for the results under his leadership in a strange way.

But then, when asked about his method, he said at a press conference before gathering the media:

What makes you so confident [in your methods] At this moment, do you think of the result?

“Because sometimes the result is the result of football and my multiple situations, and my coaching staff’s approach is second to none in the world.”

It’s okay to laugh out loud. The circle returned to him and threw his players under the bus. Why should he take responsibility when his players are obviously not enough to fulfill his requirements?

Now, if we are to continue to be generous to Mourinho, we have come so far, then why not do this, he is not completely wrong. Tottenham Hotspur is plagued by such bad forms of personal mistakes, which have had some disastrous consequences. He is also not completely wrong, because some of the players he can control may not be enough to achieve the goals he wants to accomplish with the Spurs. I think this is not a completely crazy thing, especially because the Spurs seem to be still recovering from the “painful reconstruction”, which has never been experienced by a player who hasn’t bought a player throughout the year. Tottenham need help very much, especially on defense! There is no doubt that this is an area worthy of attention.

However, to speak publicly in the media and at the same time defend the same tired tactics and methods that led to Mourinho being fired from his past three jobs is just deliberate ignorance and conceit on this point. Throwing your players on the bus does not in any way inspire those same players to magically reverse the situation. And I am not the only one who thinks so.

In addition, it is curious that some players who are currently scornful of their performance-Davinson Sanchez and Eric Dier, but even Toby O Toby Alderweireld (Toby Alderweireld) has not been immune to criticism this season, and they are mostly seen as stable defenders under Mauricio Pochettino’s leadership. In fact, you can infer and notice that the entire team does not look like an organized unit, but more like a collection of individual players who have been told to “make the magic happen.” When the organization collapses, this puts more pressure and pressure on the defense, and any mistakes made will be amplified.

Good players rarely suddenly become bad players. It can happen, but it is unusual. The strange thing is that Jose has been happening in the last few jobs, right? In this case, the variable changed is Mourinho himself.

I hate Mourinho yelling. I hope I don’t have to do this often. People in turn will yell at me in the comments, probably saying that I am unfair and biased towards a manager I certainly don’t want to start. But anyone who thinks such a situation (will criticize players when the result is incorrect and give up personal responsibility) is unique to this season, and he did not pay much attention to Mourinho’s career. The same thing happens again and again.

When Mourinho was hired, he made it clear that he was satisfied with the domination of the team, this is an excellent team of players, under his guidance may win the Premier League. He was hired as the general manager to make the most of this talented team and bring them to a place where they can win immediately. Fifteen months later, he quarreled with the players again, threw his team under the bus, and said: “Hey, my method is great. It is these clumsy guys who did not perform well.” If this is true , So why did Mourinho take this job? Why do we have to pay this senior tactician 15 million pounds a year, and we could have hired others to start a new five-year project with a completely different expect?

All in all, Mourinho will have to save what has become an absolute train wreckage of a season before the end of the current Premier League. He has the Europa League and Carabao Cup finals in April, which is the best chance to win silverware. Maybe he can do it. To be honest, I reasonably hope he can and I will cheer for him. But he was convinced that it was not easy.

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