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Jon Jones expects “stubborn” Dana White to meet salary requirements

Jon Jones doesn’t feel like being wanted in the UFC like Dana White. If he is dismissed from the contract, he will be happy to pack his bags and walk elsewhere, but he still hopes to see a solution to a heavyweight title battle with Francis Ngannou.

Jones (26-1 MMA, 20-1 UFC) has been paying close attention to his situation since Ngannou defeated Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 last Saturday to win the championship. He posted a lot of Twitter messages about his controversy, which essentially boiled down to the former lightweight champion’s desire to get a better contract to increase weight.

Since announcing that he will change his weight class this summer, he has not left this position, but the UFC does not seem to want to meet his quota. Jones said this week that it was “too low” to spend between $8 million and $1

0 million to contend with Ngannou. Although he did not disclose the exact asking price, it is not unreasonable for “Bones” to promise this.

“I’m not asking for anything outrageous. I know we are in a pandemic. I know that when you are a millionaire and you are asking for more things, it will make you look like a greedy person. And I know all of this,” Jones said on “Steve O’s Crazy Journey.” podcast. “But I also realize that I have a voice and a platform for change. Most people who do the worst can’t say publicly: “I have a second job and I borrowed money from my parents. “I know a lot of people live in the Jackson MMA Stadium because they can’t afford their apartments and they are UFC fighters. So it’s sad.

“If I have to maintain a bad relationship with Dana (White), please sit quietly for two years and three years to clarify what is happening, then these are the reasons why people remember you, not win. Stand up for the young fighters .”

Jones said that he thinks his situation is more complicated because the anchors on the other side of the negotiating table are not interested in becoming allies rather than enemies. He expressed great frustration with UFC Chairman Dana White’s remarks, which shows that he is trying to break himself with Ngannou, because he may not really want this to happen.

This is not the first time Jones has felt belittled about the way White talked about him in public. This created a certain degree of tension and made Jones dissatisfied with his working environment. He believes that there may be better conditions for him outside the UFC, but he does not seem to hope that his hopes of being dismissed from the contract can be satisfied.

Jones said: “This is the main problem in my current situation.” “Among any other professionals, if you are not satisfied with your treatment or remuneration, you can leave at will, go to the next boss, and see if they are better. Cherish you. In my case, unless I want to coach or own a gym, I will be forced to retire completely. My hands are tied.

“I do believe that the companies that own Bellator and other leagues do have the same financial support as the UFC. I do believe that Jon Jones will be your new face for promotion, especially today, when I really do The first time I tried to make my work more united. …I do think now is a good time for any company to own me, my goal is to become an asset of any company I’m involved in. And I have a feeling if I can get rid of My UFC contract, then I will be huge for another company. I just hope my relationship with Dana is not like that. I know you have to make hundreds of millions of dollars from me, but if you don’t like me anymore, So if you’re not satisfied with me, it’s okay. I don’t think he really likes me. I’ve never had a whiskey night and dinner, nor would I be like that. I don’t think I’m his favorite person, and when When you watched an interview with him, I thought it was very clear.

“What I mean is: if it’s true, and it has reached the level of personalization, then I would rather work in a company, and I feel like I am at home. I do have a good relationship with UFC employees, It’s just a strange thing when you think they don’t want you to be there.”

Jones is not the first fighter to openly quarrel over UFC copper pipe overpaid wages. He will almost certainly not be the last. He said that what makes his situation unique is that he is not in a state where he has to withstand pressure.

Jones said that as one of the UFC’s most successful fighters in more than a decade, he has accumulated a certain amount of wealth that will allow him to never fight again. This means that he will continue to work hard until he gets what he thinks is a fair deal. He predicted that the UFC will do him right in the end.

Jones said: “The UFC will continue regardless of whether I participate in the battle or not.” “In my current position, I have nothing to lose. I don’t want to fight anytime soon. Before getting paid what I think is worthwhile, I am right. There is no interest in fighting in UFC… I think the power to defend what I think is right is really powerful, and I think that eventually UFC will realize that they are stubborn, they will realize that they do have special athletes, and I think they will end up in half See me on the road.”

Jones said that one of the reasons he did not become a heavyweight in the early stages of his career was because the UFC would not pay him accordingly. He believes that it is unfair to him to hit the heavyweight at the same speed with a weight of 205 pounds (here he will be more favored than everyone else), which is unfair to him, where he has been instilled as a failure to defeat Ngannou. By.

Jones said that this risk must be worth the reward, and he simply enters the octagon, and the front end of the contract will get higher rewards.

Jones said: “I think I’m even better as a heavyweight, that’s why I went to Dana White to seek a raise.” “Daniel Cormier was in the heavyweight competition. I got a raise and I’m always looking for opportunities to add heavyweight players. Francis Ngannou is frightening. He is likely to break my jaw. I can. As a fighter, I’ve already spoken out loudly. , If someone finally rescues me, then all of us will have a good time. I can. But this should be accompanied by an increase in salary. I think I am a heavyweight, and the pay-per-view number will inevitably increase , More people will watch.”

Despite this risk, Jones still believes that he will defeat Ngannou. He said that after incorporating the UFC Hall of Fame career into the argument of the best fighter ever, he is ready to fight Ngannou and other heavyweights to “adventure everything” and add another layer to his legacy.

He said Jones was afraid of the idea of ​​fighting with Ngannou, or the potential outcome of the battle would not resonate with Jones. Jones showed the greatest combat IQ of anyone in MMA history, and he knew what would happen if they shared an octagon and overthrew Ngannu.

Jones said: “Francis Ngannou is very simple: be satisfied with the worst case.” “The worst case is that he knocks you down and may fracture your face. That is the worst case. . You are satisfied with this idea, it becomes easy. If he doesn’t knock you down and interrupt your face (because), you are smart, you are fast, you have a chin and good head movement, Can wrestle.

“There are many ways to work. So I just think about the worst case and let myself into a place that I almost want to enter, for example, “Well, I’m going there, this person might hurt me tonight. “Francis Ngannou is dangerous. I believe he has a chance to knock me down. Let us say it out loud. But if I don’t get eliminated, I believe I will win this battle. I just need to pass the first place. You can win this game in one round.”

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