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Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Kamala Harris work together to help key voters

Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Barack Obama


For two people, their political legacy is deeply intertwined. The contrast between Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his former boss Barack Obama was a stark contrast on Tuesday.

Biden was sworn in at Warm Springs, Georgia, which is famous for its hot spring water, expressing his desire to “unify the country.”

; He quoted the noble political purpose of Pope Francis and promised that “as a people and a country, we can overcome a devastating virus…heal the suffering world…restore our souls and save our country”.

In the warm spring of the South, in four hundred miles in Orlando, Florida, Obama drove his own closing speech on Biden’s election at a rally.

Biden “will not mess up the test. He will not be called a scientist idiot. He will not hold a super broadcast event at the White House and then tour the country!” Obama said that his criticism of Trump has since become More sharp.

“Our current president complained that “60 minutes” is too much. Do you think he will stand up against the dictator? He thinks Leslie Starr is a bully!

“This is not normal behavior. We will not tolerate this behavior by our colleagues. We will not tolerate this behavior by football coaches. Even the’Floridas’ will not do these things!” Obama yelled and deleted a subject. The welcome Twitter account, which mocked the weird news stories of the state.

At first glance, it seems that Biden “goes up” and attracts American good angels, while Obama “goes down”, appealing to the way people want to see Trump laugh at his opponents.

In addition, there is more.

There is still a week away from the Biden general election, and more than 60 million votes have been taken. The three members of Biden’s “A team”-the former vice president; his running partner Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris), And now Obama, each is sending a slightly different message, but the purpose of the message is to directly target key voting groups that may swing the election.

Biden is mainly speaking to cross-border Republicans and independent voters, who are the keys to the states Trump won in 2016, such as Georgia, Iowa and Michigan.

At the same time, Obama’s message is aimed at young voters. It is the ironic voters who would recognize him as “Floridas”, black voters and Hispanic voters. Obama would say “Si se puede” every Tuesday in Orlando. Cheers.

The third member of Harris (A-team) has strategically deployed in recent days to attract more unique voters: black and urban voters in the Midwest and Southwest.

A Trump campaign spokesperson did not immediately respond to Biden’s request for comment on his strategy in the last week. But the president’s criticism of Biden and Obama has been unwavering.

In summary, the three different messages of Biden’s campaign and their respective messengers represent a cohesive and enterprising strategy, which not only reflects their understanding of Biden’s vulnerability, but also reflects their understanding of large-scale Amazing confidence in the expanded election map.

Harris North and South

On Friday, Harris held a rally at Morehouse College, a historic black elite university in Atlanta. Harris is the first black woman ever to appear on a large party ticket. She is multiracial but is considered black. Harris is making history. In the past year, black Americans have asked for equal protection on a scale that has never been seen since the civil rights movement. 60 years ago.

U.S. Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris (Kamala Harris) speaks at a campaign event in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., October 25, 2020.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

On Saturday, Harris visited Cleveland, Ohio, where she condemned the Trump campaign and Republican legal efforts to restrict voters from participating in opinion polls. Harris called on black voters to overcome these obstacles, in part to commemorate the legacy of civil rights leaders who died in the last century to vote.

“Why are they making this effort (to suppress voter turnout)?” Harris said of the Republican Party. “The answer is because they know our strength. They know our strength. They know that things will change when we vote.”

The next day, Harris delivered the same message of black political empowerment to Michigan. She spoke at the door-to-door service of Triumph Church on Sunday, and then traveled across the state for the rest of the day.

Black voters in Midwestern cities are definitely a vital group for Democrats, which was demonstrated in the collapse of the so-called “Blue Wall” in 2016.

Post-election analysis shows that among the states, the most famous are Michigan and Pennsylvania. The number of voters in the cities participating in the election is greater than Trump’s total victory. This shows that if these voters participated in the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton In her election, she is likely to win the country.

This week, Harris went to the southwest. She was in Nevada on Tuesday, in Arizona on Thursday, and in Texas on Friday.

Democrats in Nevada have done a good job over the past decade. However, this year’s concerns about the possible weakness of Democratic voters in the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with Trump’s decision to target the state, made the state’s credibility lower than expected by opinion polls.

Arizona and Texas are two states. In the past five years, the suburbs of major urban centers such as Phoenix and Houston have become more and more diverse. This is because the Democratic Party has turned these two red states into Blue’s first real shot in decades.

A recent poll in Texas even showed that Biden is ahead of Trump by 3 percentage points, although the average level of the overall poll still gives Trump an advantage.

Obama attack

The former president has participated in three major Biden events in the past week, one in Philadelphia on Wednesday, one in Miami on Saturday and a speech in Orlando on Tuesday. He obviously likes to return to the campaign stage, where he appears relaxed and happy. On the Biden side and Trump’s side, this year’s campaign clearly lacks two emotions, which are the victims of the multiple crises facing the country.

According to reports, Obama told friends that he was anxious to serve as a dear friend and trusted advisor for two terms in the White House, playing the role of an “attack dog” in political terms.

This is a kind of role reversal, because waving a fist is usually the job of a vice presidential candidate.

On October 27, 2020, former US President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) represented the presidential candidate and his former Vice President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) held a pre-campaign rally to react.

Edelheit | Reuters

However, although Harris is quite powerful in criticizing the Trump administration for failing to address the coronavirus pandemic and its civil rights damage, it is hard to imagine the California senator’s disposition and his Twitter is used to rejoicing like Obama. have.

Obama is also working here to increase support for Biden. Democrats admit that Biden’s voters may be the same as the number of voters provided for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

As we all know, it is difficult for young registered voters to vote in large numbers. There has always been an evergreen debate among Democratic strategists about how much energy should be put into the work of “getting out of voting” for young voters. But Obama’s campaign ignored this possibility. Statistics from the 2008 election show that the proportion of young voters that year was higher than in any presidential election since 1972.

The Biden campaign has not released additional guidance on Obama’s schedule in the next few days, but it is widely expected that he and Biden will participate in an event together sometime over the weekend because of the roadshow this week Getting better.

Biden on the highway

When his first two agents maximized their influence, Biden doubled the gloomy emotional message of hope, unity and recovery, taking his speech in “Warm Spring” on Tuesday as an example.

Biden maintained a national lead over Trump throughout the campaign, either maintaining the lead or being tied in the major swing states. But it is still worth noting that Biden decided to spend this day in Georgia, which has only won the Democratic presidential nomination once in the past 40 years.

But for Biden, giving a speech in a traditionally red state adds appeal to his promise to unite a divided country.

Compared with Obama or Harris, Biden spent very little time attacking Trump on Tuesday. Instead, Biden recounted his hardship and expressed sympathy and hope to the families of more than 220,000 Americans who died of Covid-19 this year.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden (Joe Biden) speaks at The Mountain Top Inn & Resort in Warm Spring, Georgia on October 27, 2020.

Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images

Biden said in his speech: “These are historical, painful crises.” “Insidious virus. Economic pain. Systemic discrimination. Any of them can shock the entire country. However, the three of us were hit at the same time. ”

The second half of the speech was more optimistic, but it was still far from sunny. Biden said that recovering from these crises and putting the country on the right path “will benefit all of us. Red and blue states, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals.” “And I believe we can do it.”

Although Biden’s speech may be humble, Biden expressed a message of unity during the last week of the campaign, which shows political confidence: Biden dedicated this week to the states Trump won in 2016.

His campaign announced that after spending Tuesday in Georgia, Biden will be in Florida on Thursday and Michigan on Saturday. Biden himself told reporters that he will also visit Iowa and Wisconsin later this week, although the campaign has yet to announce details of the trip.

When asked if the schedule for the last week of Monday reflects his confidence in the results of next Tuesday’s voting, Biden replied: “I’m not very confident about anything.”

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