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Jimmy Kimmel shoots at the MyPillow guy

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, is currently conducting a 48-hour live marathon to promote his new “social media” “platform”. When he did not lash out for “Daily Beast”, he was deeply disappointed by the host late at night Jimmy Kimmel.

“I must admit, thank you for joining us, this is one of the least productive days we have been working in the office for quite a while,” Kimmel said at the beginning of a monologue on Monday night, admitting that he liked Trump. The pillow salesman is completely “obsessed”. “You know, many people say that the CEO of Pillow Company cannot successfully launch a major social media site, and these people are 1

00% correct.”

“I highly recommend it,” Kimmel said of Lindel’s “yelling”, “This is really a spectacle. If you are tall, I recommend you. If Jerry is on a publicly accessible channel and is under attack , It’s like a Jerry Lewis TV show.”

From there, the host played Lindel’s montage, repeatedly complaining that he was trying to make a joke about his large launch event, and then claimed that he was “praying” for him. “Thanks everyone for yelling,” Kimmel replied. “Do you think he is really praying for me? Honestly, do you think he is actually naming me when he says his prayers before going to bed?”

“Mike Lindel doesn’t seem to understand, I am his biggest fan,” Kimmel added. “I don’t know what he is doing, but I like it.” He even invited Lindell to participate in his performance in person, interviewing him on a bed surrounded by pillows. “It’s just that Mike and I are sitting side by side with a California king surrounded by goose down bags.”

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