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Jared Goff replaced the injured John Wolford and led the Rams to the wild madness of the Seahawks

Two and a half hours after the game, when he and his teammates were sitting on a plane at SeaTac Airport waiting for a satisfactory flight south across the Pacific coast, Gove admitted to me, although he knew the reason for the start of the match. Wolford, this is a direct attack of his competitive spirit. Then, he thought about a two-week emotional stretch, which checked his body more than once.

Thirteen days ago, in the same stadium, Goff broke and dislocated after smashing his thumb on the Seahawks defensive end Benson Meowa’s helmet-then rebounded it back into place and scored 20-9. The defeat defeated the Seattle NFC West Division champion and questioned the Rams̵

7; playoff hopes. He underwent surgery the next day, and Wolford performed well in his first NFL game, defeating the Arizona Cardinals 18-7 in the Los Angeles playoffs.

McVay liked everything he saw from Wolford, citing his mobility (he ran 56 yards against the Cardinals) and decision-making ability, and decided that he would rather prepare for the next year’s bench game for a whole week instead of Endure the uncertainty surrounding Goff hurt.

Gove said: “Sean knows very well to me,’We are obviously not making suggestions for you. We need to make a plan that will take into account your physical condition this week, and what else…” I understand. to the extend. But it is difficult. “

Gove knew he would still be Wolford’s reserve force, so he did his best to prepare for the possibility of being called into the army.

Gove said: “As a competitor, you want to compete-but I prepared accordingly.” “We have been doing our best almost all week, just on one side. I don’t defend any representatives, but I just want to make myself Stand up with his thumb.”

When Wolford finished the second round sprint of the Rams’ second scoreless game, he shot in the head from star Seahawks safety guard Jamal Adams- With a neck injury, he will be taken to a nearby hospital for preventive reasons (though he can return to the stadium and fly home with the team)-McVeigh has no choice. The newly signed 3-pointer Blake Bortles (Blake Bortles) is inactive, leaving the Rams’ destiny in the hands of Gove. More precisely, his throwing hand meant that his four healthy fingers and semi-flexible thumb were on the scene.

Predictably, the start was very unstable: Gove, who was third and fifth on the 15th hole in Seattle, was fired with a seven-yard sack, and Matt Gay was 40-yards away. The first point of the game was won in the field goal. Los Angeles hit three-pointers in the next two series, and Gove scored 4-0 combined.

After Jason Myers scored a 50-yard field goal, there was 10:34 left in the second quarter to equalize. In the second and seventh quarters, Goff drifted to the right and took wide shots. Player Cooper Kupp sent a deep ball in the direction. This is a scene that Gove discussed with Cooper on the sidelines even before Wolford was injured, and it is certain that the catcher is open. However, the pass floated on Gove and looked like it was intercepted until Cooper came back swiftly to catch the ball and made a good catch, even though Adams tightly covered him, thus gaining 44 yards and giving The quarterback finished for the first time.

Should the burned thumb be attributed to rust?

Goff said: “I don’t want to use (injury) as an excuse.” “Like, I was playing there; I have the ability. Yes, there are limitations, but I don’t want to sit here and say I can’t drop the ball…or I I can’t throw any balls. I can throw anything, well, especially I’m trying a rhythm, I’m trying to figure out where I’m in and get into a good place, Cooper created a great performance for me, and Set me down.”

The Rams defense-the league with the highest scoring in the league’s regular season-also played a role. Led by all stratospheric defensive tackle Aaron Donald (Aaron Donald), he has two sacks and three quarterbacks walking hurriedly, but his ribs were not clearly injured, so he harassed Seattle from start to finish. Typical dangerous quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson). Most notably, in the three games after Gay scored a 39-yard field goal, the Rams led 6-3 and cornerback Darious Williams got 27 from Wilson (11 points). , 174 yards, two touchdowns) short pass, won the excellent second-year DK Metcalf, 42 yards from the house.

Wilson reduced the deficit to 13-10 in the next series, got rid of the pressure, and kept in touch with Metcalfe with a 51-yard scoring-this is one of the rare situations where the Seahawks can solve the problem of Maivey’s first-year defensive coordinator , Brandon Staley (Brandon Staley) introduced them schematically.

Stanley thanked Goff for his efforts.

“What did we discuss in a few weeks?” Staley asked via text, referring to the previous conversation after Gove’s rebound performance after defeating the Cardinal in early December. “(He) is stronger than anyone!”

More flexible: On the day when Wilson’s improvisation wasn’t enough to make the Seahawks triumph, Gove managed to imitate the most critical scene of the game and made a poor man’s imitation. Goff faced nine-thirds of his 26-stroke match and the remaining 2:55. He told me before this season that his hard work was his effort from weak to strong. Sliding to the right, it seems to be in no man’s land. Just before reaching the line of scrimmage, he quickly passed the ball to Akers, who rushed forward for a 44-yard gain.

Goff said: “That’s a good choice.” “That’s third place. We walked fast. Cam Akers is a hell of a player we like to throw at him. To be honest, when I saw him in space…I mean, he was as good as him anyone In space. I can throw it to him, and he will do the rest. He ran like a madman today. “

With two Aixes (28, 131 yards serving), the Rams took a 20-10 lead in the half-time-the Seahawks were in trouble. Seattle lingered until the final five minutes of the game, when Goff froze the defense in second and fourth places on the 15th and 2nd holes of the Seahawks and ran back to Malcolm Brown ( Malcolm Brown) and passed the pass to the wide-open receiver Robert Woods, who entered the finish area with a 30-13 lead.

Gove said: “Yes, I believe we have participated in three games this year, and these three games look like that.” “We like that. It was a game we were just waiting to find and find Its play. We talked about it throughout the game and tried to reach a touchdown. We knew we would watch it eventually.”

Perhaps in the end, Gove will get the kind of love some might imagine, as he won three professional playoff games in five seasons-including the 2018 NFC Championship victory over the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome-and has been Maintaining stability During McVay’s very successful four-year tenure as head coach and offensive master. For now, he will certainly feel very sad, whether it is a nerd from the analysis world, a fan on social media, or a quarterback of the Hall of Fame who appeared in the pre-game show and game broadcast of his recent playoff victory. His statistics last Saturday (9 for 19, 155 yards, a TD) was that he became the first four in the playoffs with less than 40% of his passes since Tom Brady four seasons ago. Shooting guard, this is another superficial blow to him.

For many FOX spectators, the narrative they liked at the beginning of Saturday’s game seemed to be the reason McVay chose Wolford because he liked the decisiveness of the young player and relieved the pressure of “perfection” (the color commentator Troy Aikman said ). His call. This is another argument, one day, but know this: although Gove is good at blocking noise and focusing on the task at hand-i.e. finding a way to win-he will certainly relish wasting in obvious and emphatic ways This way of thinking.

Knowing at the start of Saturday’s game that he would not have the opportunity to do so because his team had eaten him-even though he understood intellectually, there was an element of trying to heal McVay when he was ready to express his preparation to McVay . It exists because most competitors tend to do this, and the coach must do what he has to do.

Now, there is probably a chance to face the presumed (three-time) MVP and California alumni Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field, or six Super Bowl titles (including defeating Gough two years ago) Brady and the Pirates in Tampa Bay next weekend, He hopes to find a better place in the coming days.

Gove said: “Yes, I think I will be with the representatives, just for time.” “Again, I had the operation 12 days ago and I am getting better every day. At this time I was just in a hurry. Last Monday Or Tuesday feels different, today feels better, tomorrow feels better. It’s just getting better every day.

“I don’t know where to be on Saturday (Saturday) or Sunday. But I know this is enough to win.”

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