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Jamie Dimon expects 4% bond yields – but do not panic

It's D-Day for oil as investors wait for POTUS to lay down its Iranian proclamation, and investors continue to sell the smooth things in anticipation.

While crude dominates the day, there is another asset that is worth keeping a eye on. Just a few weeks ago, the return on 10-year Treasuries

TMUBMUSD10Y, + 0.13%

ratcheted up to 3%. It has declined since that level, but investors remain a bit nervous about the potential reversal of the yield curve when short-term returns crown long-term returns ̵

1; seen as a red flag of recession.

So arm yourself for our Call of the Day by none other than JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon, who says you should prepare for 10-year note yields to reach 4%.

As economic growth picks up and inflation accelerates This could cause the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates faster than before, he warns in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

"That could make up for the 10-year-old, not like in the US past, you can easily handle 4% bonds, and I think people should be prepared for that," says Dimon.

But before you cut the hatches, the JP Morgan CEO adds that if 4% signifies a "strong and healthy" America, then he would call the proceeds "almost normalized."

Dimon spent a good one Part of the time talking about talking about how great America looks – with a strong economy, a wide-open capital market, and a well-funded financial system, although he's a little worried about government borrowing and the possibility that others might Countries are beginning to borrow US bonds.

"That could perhaps cause more volatility, higher rates in ways that we do not fully understand," since the world has never experienced quantitative easing, nor its reversal.

lets ask you what makes Warren Buffett of Dimons 4% call The Berkshire Hathaway

BRK.B, + 0.73%

BRK.B, + 0.73%

Chief told shareholders this weekend that long-term bonds close to a "terrible investment" the current returns are.

The Market

Oil losses are over this morning and Dow

YMM8, -0.25%

S & P

ESM8, -0.30%

and Nasdaq

NQM8, -0.37%

Futures are in the red. On Monday, the Dow

DJIA, + 0.39%

S & P

SPX, + 0.35%

and Nasdaq

COMP, + 0.77%

closed, but outside the session heights.


CLM8, -1.15%

is under $ 70 a barrel before President Trump's Iran decision, which, he says, will come at 2:00 pm. today. The dollar

DXY, + 0.36%

rises while gold

GCM8, -0.28%

is off. A tech rebound helped lift Asia's shares while Europe shares

SXXP, -0.20%

SXXP, -0.20%

have lost a 3-month high.

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The graph

Everything you ever wanted to know about Iran nuclear deal, from 2013. Compliments from Barclays, who wrote a special report on "Trump and the Art of the (Break of Iran) Deal".


Whatever Trump decides today, as Barclays points out, "his foreign policy continues to ignite tensions in the main oil-exporting center and is therefore price-supportive."

The Rapture

Valeant Pharmaceuticals

VRX, + 0.78%

rises after results. To shake off its past, the company changes its name to Bausch Health Cos. And his ticker to BHC.


CROX, -1.81%

Dean Foods

DF, -0.71%

also reported with Potbelly

PBPB, -1.21%

on the way. Disney

DIS, + 1.31%


TRIP, + 2.34%

and Godaddy

GDDY, + 0.68%

Result is expected after completion. Preview the revenue for Disney and Roku.


FOX, + 0.86%

is according to a late Monday report, the Comcast

CMCSA, + 1.35%

is preparing an offer whereby Disney offered the $ 52.4 billion bid on some of Fox's assets.


4502, + 3.99%

says it has (finally) made an agreement with Shire

SHPG, + 2.32%

SHRS, + 0.00%

to buy the Irish pharmaceutical rival in a $ 62.4 billion acquisition.

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Take this, short seller. Tesla

TSLA, + 2.95%

CEO Elon Musk puts his money where he is right now. He's just bought $ 9.85 million worth of stock, his biggest share purchase since March 2017. Musk apparently also has a new boyfriend.


AAPL, + 0.72%

could be seen after stocks closed on Monday at a record after recovering at the fastest pace in nine years

Chinese exports rebounded in April and spread this controversy US-China trade gap even further.

At the political strike, Trump lawyers say they will decide by 17 May whether POTUS will speak with Special Adviser Robert Mueller.

At the top level of the data front, there is not much – the confidence index for small businesses and job vacancies. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell spoke in Zurich about emerging market risks.

The Quote

Getty Images

Another Page to Schneiderman

"Sometimes he told me to call him Master, and he'd beat me until I did. This was Tanya Selvaratnam, author, actor and film producer, and is also an ex-girlfriend of New Jersey Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who alleged abuse in an explosive New York article.

Schneiderman, a Democrat who fought against was sexual misconduct, said he "denies" the allegations, but announces his resignation last night

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