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James Paxton and Jake Fraley go to MRI

James Paxton After staying in the Bronx for two years, he returned to the Mariners last night, but his start was shortened due to a forearm injury because he retired after only 1 1/3 innings.Outfielder Jack FreyAt the same time, the team caught the diving from the left and left the game with the hamstring strain that the team announced later. After the game, manager Scott Servais told reporters (via Ryan Divish of The Seattle Times) that both players will undergo MRI this morning.

Paxton’s 2020 season with the Yankees was shortened due to a forearm strain, so it’s clear that for him, suffering from this type of injury is a development to watch-especially at the beginning of the season . The left-hander did tell Divis and others that the pain in his arm was different from the pain he suffered from this injury last summer.

In the winter, the Mariners brought Paxton back to the organization with a one-year, 8.5mm free agent contract. The 32-year-old is full of interest in several teams, as he would expect based on his record of success, but he seems to prefer to return to Seattle. Mariner GM Jerry Dipoto (Jerry Dipoto) pointed out when signing that Paxton (Paxton) has performed well in the training of the MLB team, which has brought the club a “hometown discount”


The party seemed to be going well in spring training. In the Cactus League game, Paxton hit half of the 34 batsmen he faced, allowing only one run. For the time being, he said in an optimistic tone that the current problem may be powerful in nature, and he can quickly recover from it.

As for Freilly, the 25-year-old is unusual at the start of his 2021 season. He had only 10 of his five games and only 1 of 10 games, but he walked 8 steps and was hit by a pitch. In his first 19 games, he scored a weird .100/ .500 / .200 batting line.Obtained from the ray, as part of the ray Mike Zunino In the trade, Frerie didn’t play too much with the Mariners’ two predecessors in the 2019-20 season, but he only scored 70 appearances during that time. Among minors, his career is a .286/.362/.480 batsman-including .276/.333/.553 in 38 AA games.

However, it seems that IL’s work may be coming soon, which will attract the attention of the baseball community. The most direct action of Team M is to think about it Braden Bishop Starting from his bench position, because he has entered the 40-man lineup, but Seattle also has top prospect Jarred Kelenic (Jarred Kelenic) in his first major league promotion.

When the current CEO Kevin Mather openly pointed out in a Q&A with the Bellevue Rotary Club that the 21-year-old Kelenice rejected the renewal offer At that time, Kelenic’s service time status was attracting national attention. Until mid-April (the general time the sailors will gain control of Kelenic for an additional year). Kelenic was absent for a while due to a minor knee injury in spring training, but he returned to the lineup and immediately hit a 6-3 three-pointer in two games before being reassigned to the small league camp, resulting in injuries. It seems to be behind him.

It seems that the sailors will turn to the bishop for the time being, because calling Kerenic now will still give him enough time to accumulate a full year of major league service in 2021. But on weekends.

Going back to the pitchers, the Mariners have used a six-man rotation, so they might simply shorten up to five tees and carry an extra booster for the time being. Last night, the bullpen had to cover 7 2/3 innings and beat the White Sox in the process, so in any case, Seattle may prefer to add a new arm.

At least it’s worth mentioning that, as in the case of Freley/Kelenic, the Mariners’ highly respected prospects are also very close to Major League Baseball (MLB): 2018 first round Logan Gilbert. Although this comment did not attract as much attention as Kelenic’s revelation, Mather said in the same interview that he hoped Gilbert could come to the Majors in mid-April (obviously a hint of his service time). However, Gilbert only shot two rounds in spring training before being assigned to the minor league training camp, so even if Paxton is put on hold for a considerable period of time, he may still not be able to adapt to himself s Choice. .If the sailor wants to stick to 6 people spinning and Paxton does miss some time, they can give some start Ljay Newsome and / or Nick Margevicius. However, soon, Gilbert seems likely to rise in the major leagues.

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