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Jake Arrieta’s thoughts on leaving the Cubs in free agency

Jake Arrieta has been one of the most famous free agents in recent years, leaving the Chicago Cubs and then returning to the Cubs this year. And, as we have discussed in detail, the Cubs are absolutely full during the walking year.

Therefore, when it comes to the Cubs’ most outstanding star, who have spent their entire career here but turned to the free agency market after the end of this season, I definitely want to hear Arieta’s point of view.

“I don’t know how much advice these guys need from me on this topic,” Arrieta said from The Athletic this weekend. “I hope they will do their best and do everything possible to exclude it, and it may be impossible to do it 1

00%. Because, let’s face it, this is an important part of their lives and family life. Moment. This is an important part of the next stage of their career.

“First of all, the most important thing is to establish this team relationship in Chicago this year and do their best to perform. Obviously, if they can do this and stay on the court, they will be well paid. I’m sure it’s a bittersweet thing for everyone. They’ve been here for a long time. It’s hard to take off the Cubs uniform.”

Hard to take off the Cubs uniform. There was a few noises from a guy who did leave, and then came back.

Arrieta is undoubtedly right. People like Kris Bryant, Javy Báez and Anthony Rizzo cannot fail to consider the imminent combination of free agents and their The end of time with the Cubs. But Arrieta may also be right. When possible, focusing only on this year and this year may be the best for everyone. Then, after a good season (if the contract is not renewed), these guys can make a decision that suits them at the time.

I can say this: it is absolutely weird to think about those three people leaving after this year and then coming back in three years like Arrieta.

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