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Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are available on Amazon

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Wait till you hear this!  (Photo: Amazon)
Wait till you hear this! (Photo: Amazon)

It seems that all good wireless earbuds cost a fortune (we are looking for you, Apple AirPods). But at this particular moment, it is not actually the case. For some mysterious (and lucky!) reason, the Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are a pair of top-of-the-line earphones with high-quality audio that are on sale. On Amazon, their price dropped from $120 to $70. This saves 42%!

The design of these wireless earbuds is easy to use, durable and will not disappoint. Amazon reviewers are full of praise for this, and they have an impressive 9,900 perfect five-star ratings. And at the lowest price, they are a great way to play music before the new year. But please don’t delay-the stock will be sold out soon.

If you own Amazon Prime, then you will get free shipping. Not a member yet? no problem. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial version here. (By the way, those orders without Prime can still enjoy free shipping, and the order amount is $25 or more.)

This is the low point:

High-quality audio and long battery life

Amazon shoppers have just fallen in love with these Jabra Elite 65t earbuds, which are also “Amazon’s choice” products, with excellent audio clarity, deep and powerful bass, and firmly fitting ears. You can also customize the audio using the Jabra Sound+ app.

“I’m really surprised how many I use and how I like them,” a five-star reviewer said happily. “Everything on them feels high-quality, and the audio is clear and clear, not to mention the biggest selling point, because it actually has no wires, so it feels very’free’ when walking or going to the gym.”

With long battery life, these earplugs will not only allow you to recharge all day (and then some), you can also bring a charging case for up to 15 hours. These earplugs are even dustproof and waterproof, so they can withstand minor floods. Now, this is not even possible with Apple AirPods!

Jabra Elite 65t earplugs are priced at $70, which is $50 lower than the normal price.  (Photo: Amazon)
The Jabra Elite 65t earplugs are priced at $70, which is $50 lower than the normal price. (Photo: Amazon)

Call clarity

With its four-microphone design (two microphones in each earbud), these Jabra Elite 65t earbuds can provide clear and clear voice audio for calls. This is ideal for working from home, especially when you live in a crowded or noisy place. The only thing the person on the other end of the call hears is your voice.

Another five-star reviewer said: “I think these are the best pair of wireless earbuds on the market now.” “The use of FaceTime and the phone is explosive for these people. You don’t have to raise your voice, you can speak naturally. , The caller on the other side can also hear you well.”

Bottom line

These Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are priced at US$70 (less than US$120) and provide clear, powerful, high-quality audio, so you can enjoy your favorite music and podcasts without having to spend a lot of money. They also have built-in Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to get the latest news, weather and sports reports, as well as convenient voice commands for mobile devices.

“I must say that I am very satisfied with these earplugs,” the Amazon customer said with satisfaction. “I have been using them for about a month in various situations: riding a bicycle, on an airplane, on an airplane, in a car, and exercising on a conference call. They are easily the best wireless headsets I have. It fits my ears very well, easy to connect and use, and the sound is very good.”

our suggestion? Pick them up immediately, and then they are sold out or the price picks up.

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