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"It's not uncommon," Labor Group relies on the Langley Poop litter incident

Editors Note: A link in this article refers to a video with graphic and annoying content. This material is not suitable for all readers.

LANGLEY (NEWS 1130) – It's an understatement to describe it.

Shocking Video circulates on the internet and shows a woman at a Tim Hortons's in Langley, who threw her chair at the clerks behind the counter before she wiped him with a napkin and some items on the counter nearby the cash register smeared.

Mounties were called in and the woman was given some papers

It is unclear why she was upset or what triggered her actions, but you can see that there was a kind of verbal altercation with the staff.

You may think that this case is one million, but unfortunately not.

The BC Federation of Labor acknowledges that it is a problem and such cases often happen. You even have a term for it: "Biological substances that are used as weapons."

The industries in which the association receives such reports include restaurants, prisons, healthcare, care facilities, education, and film.

We actually saw this, where people are not happy that the film is being shot in their neighborhood, "says BCFED President Irene Lanzinger.

It adds that employers must take the safety precautions, risk assessments" so that those who work for them know how to handle a similar situation or deescalate it.

"Employers need to carry out a risk assessment and train their staff, especially to train their staff when dealing with people with mental health problems who have special needs or who deal with people who are angry for one reason or another It's a very serious episode. "

So, what exactly is a risk assessment?

"You need to do a risk assessment around an angry customer, this angry customer could harm you and cause other types of violence in a restaurant or other workplaces, which is all part of how you train employees to deal with situations that they might face. "

Lanzinger adds that employers must also take all possible measures to protect employees from situations that could be described as" unhealthy "and" insecure "." 1

9659003] What you may wonder is how you train an employee to be ready to flog on feces.

"[That’s] a very good question. There are things that happen that are hard to know, what should be done. To de-escalate an angry customer, if that was possible, I do not know this particular case, "says Lanzinger." Employees must be trained in dealing with angry customers who can harm them, and I do not know if that would be the case The case was, but these situations occur and employers need to find a way Keep their employees safe and sound in all these situations.

The Labor Union says other topics they see are people who use "peebombs" and needles when they are angry.

NEWS 1130 Turned to WorkSafe BC , which supervises companies that are supposed to train staff, confirms that it has not yet convened, but is currently examining this particular case.

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