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Israeli jeweler sells gold coronavirus mask for only $1.5 million

MOTZA, Israel (AP)-An Israeli jewelry company is studying to call it the most expensive coronavirus mask in the world. This is a gold and gold mask set with diamonds and is priced at $1.5 million.

Designer Isaac Levy (Isaac Levy) said that this 18-carat white gold mask will be decorated with 3,600 white and black diamonds, and is equipped with top-quality N99 filters at the request of buyers.

Levy, the owner of Yvel, said that the buyer has two other requirements: it must be completed by the end of this year, and it will be the most expensive in the world. He said that the last condition “is the easiest to achieve.”


He refused to disclose the identity of the buyer, but stated that he is a Chinese businessman living in the United States.

Glossy masks may make the protective equipment mandatory in public places in many countries become a little dazzling. But the weight is only 270 grams (more than half a pound), which is almost 100 times the weight of a typical surgical mask, so it is unlikely to wear practical accessories.

In an interview with his factory near Jerusalem, Levy showed several masks covered with diamonds. A gold plate has a hole for the filter.

Levy said: “Money may not buy everything, but if it can buy a very expensive COVID-19 mask, and this person wants to wear it and walk around and attract attention, he should be satisfied.”

At a time when millions of people around the world are unemployed or in financial difficulties, this exaggerated mask may also be rubbed in some wrong way. Levi said that although he would not wear it himself, he was grateful for this opportunity.

He said: “I’m very happy that this mask has provided us with enough jobs to enable our employees to provide jobs in very difficult times like now,”

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