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Isabelle previews New Year’s corner shopping

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Isabelle is being used to preview New Year’s products available on Nook Shopping. 2020 is coming to an end, and all the years of the Nintendo Switch title have had an amazing year. Freed from the fun of the “Toy Festival”, the company has already released some special releases on the 31st major festival. Isabelle will be the account showing off the changes made, which is completely correct. After all, it was only her birthday on December 20. Therefore, fans can look forward to the grape platter or a glass of delicious cider to welcome the New Year. People are inspired to get some new items in the game. It’s amazing to see how much support Nintendo provided free updates and special events in the first year of the game. Hope this trend can continue until 2021


“Hi, everyone! If you are looking for interesting ways to welcome the new year, I heard that Nook Shopping is currently offering a variety of exquisite products from all over the world,” her account pointed out. “I personally look forward to some New Year’s noodles. Tasty to get these orders as soon as possible!”

Recently, Doug Bowser, President of Nintendo of the United States, sat down with Polygon to discuss how big the blow was. Animal Crossing: New Horizons already.

“I think “exceeding expectations” is the easiest way. I don’t know we expect it to truly become a global cultural touchpoint. To our delight, how it redefines how people think about video games and how they use it It fits into life. “We see people celebrating graduation. Hold a birthday party; even a wedding through the game itself. “

“We are very happy to see that we have provided some breathing space in times when people are in chaotic and challenging times. So this is the result of many things. First of all: developers are creating a great universe, a great environment, a great The role and other aspects of his work are very good, which is very attractive.” He continued. “But, of course, at the time of release, many people who have not even played video games can join it. Not only can they appreciate and understand video games, but they can also learn more about Animal Crossing.”

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