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Is Injustice 3 about to be revealed?

Yes Injustice 3 About to be revealed?Two years ago, in 2019, NetherRealm Studios released Mortal Kombat 11.Two years before this, it was released in 2017 Injustice 2.Two years ago Injustice 2, It released Mortal Kombat X In 2015.In the two years before 2015, in 2013, it released The unjust god among us. As you can see, NetherRealm Studios has developed a model that releases games every two years. Since 2013, injustice with Mortal Kombat. If the model holds, Injustice 3 It should be released sometime this year. Also, to be more specific, it should be released sometime between April and May, because all four of the above games have been released between April and May.

All of this shows that at the time of publication, Injustice 3 Not yet disclosed. In fact, April and May are only a few months away, so you hope that things will change, unless of course you want to break this pattern.Although it is possible, one item involves Injustice 2 It seems to imply that it will indeed hold.

this week, Injustice 2 It has been added to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which is weird for various reasons.on the one hand Injustice 2 It is four years old now. Of course, this does not rule it out, but it is not even the latest version of NetherRealm Studios.Why is Injustice 2 Added to Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate MK1

1 isolated?It doesn’t make much sense unless you want to reveal Injustice 3 So hope to create some hype and synergy by attracting players to participate injustice mood. To some extent, this may seem difficult, but this is how video game marketing tends to work.

Loop is Injustice 3 About to be revealed?Okay, the strange thing is Injustice 2 According to Xbox Game Pass, it may be, but more importantly, NetherRealm Studios’ distribution model not only means that it should now be publicly released every day, but also only a few months away from release.

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