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Iran deal: Trump announces resignation, will reintroduce sanctions

"I realize that we can not prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb from the decaying and rotten structure of the present agreement," said Trump from the White House diplomatic room. If we do nothing, we know exactly what will happen. "

Announcing his telegrams, Trump said he would introduce new sanctions against the regime and paralyze his predecessor's test-act negotiated by him, Trump said," any country that helps Iran obtain nuclear weapons will be severely sanctioned

Trump's decision could have explosive consequences, disrupting long-standing US alliances, disrupting the oil markets and exacerbating tensions in the Middle East

While Trump supporters praised the move, analysts and critics said that it was Washington's credibility Trump also disguised in his remarks

It also isolates Trump on the global stage, where he has angered even the most loyal American allies by violating the obligations of the future USA to the Climate Agreement of Paris and the resignation of the Ha [1


Response was swift

  US officials increasingly worried about Iran could attack Israel
The former President Barack Obama, who seldom comments on his successor, issued a statement describing Trump's actions as a "grave mistake" that could leave the US with a "loss-making choice between an Iranian or an atomically armed Iran war in the Middle East. "

Some of America 's closest allies, Great Britain, France and Germany made a statement expressing" regret and concern "over the decision, citing Iran' s adherence to the agreement and its" continued commitment "to

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said he had ordered the country's nuclear industry to resume industrial uranium enrichment, while the country's foreign minister said he would work with the pact's remaining partners – France, Britain, Germany, China and Russia – working together to see if they could "bring full benefits to Iran. The result will determine our answer, "Javad Zarif tweeted.

Tensions in the region are high, with US officials citing" concerns "that Iran could attack Israel without citing its evidence for the claim while Israel reserves He called and the State Department issued a security warning for US citizens in the Golan Heights.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told CNN he was worried that the US decision would create "new crises" in the Middle East.

"We do not need new crises in the region," said Erdogan CNNs Becky Anderson.

US opponents took the decision to portray the US as an international outlier, and underlined that the US, not Iran, are now technically in violation of the US

  European leadership - disappointed & # 39; s disappointment in Trump's withdrawal from the Iran deal

"The position announced by Washington is a significant violation of the JCPOA," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Trump's decision as "new Confirmation of Washington's incompetence ".

The Russians also said that US claims about Iran's absolutely legitimate nuclear activities are just a cover for maintaining political outcomes with the country.

In fact, high-ranking representatives of the Trump administration – including Mike Pompeo and the director Daniel Coats – have said that Iran is fulfilling its obligations under the agreement.

But Trump has argued while perhaps sticking to the letter of the agreement, they have broken their minds by promoting discord in the region, support groups such as Hezbollah, the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the Syrian regime.

Trump taunted the deal as an embarrassment that simultaneously sponsored terrorism for the regime.

"At the time when the US had its maximum. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 157 & lang = DE This catastrophic arrangement has this regime – and it 's a regime of big terror – billions of dollars, including cash, a great embarrassment for me as a citizen is preparing, "said Trump 2] Legislators, such as Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey, supports the decision.

"I support the US withdrawal from the flawed, dangerous Iran nuclear deal," Toomey urged the US to impose tough new sanctions on Iran for "its grotesque human rights abuses, openly hostile aggression in the Middle East, extensive" to punish ballistic missile testing, and support for terrorism. "

Sanctions do not come into force for months

  Trump's decision in Iran increases stakes in North Korea


The grace period could allow for further negotiations between US allies, a side deal addressing Trump's concerns about the missile program and Tehran's support for terrorist groups, Trump said on Tuesday he was ready to find diplomatic means to dispel its concerns.

But even if an agreement is reached wi It is not clear how they might convince Iran to sign up, or whether Russia and China – two other partners in the agreement – would agree.

New US Sanctions Will Undoubtedly Cause Businesses rethinking investment in Iran and European companies may have no choice but to sit back or violate US rules.

Questions regarding the announcement also indicated an apparent lack of strategic planning by the Trump administration.

US officials admit they did not discuss what they would do if the US divorced from the deal in negotiations with European officials over a side deal to Trump's concern about missiles and Iran's regional activities.

No Plan B

"We did not talk about Plan B because we were concentrating on negotiating an amendment," a State Department official said Tuesday, "so we have not – we have not talked about plan

This official said that the US is ready to sanction Europeans with the ultimate goal of a "global coalition" to work towards a comprehensive agreement that addresses all US concerns about the impact of economic isolation

It's a plan where former officials scratch their heads.

"It's very difficult to see how we get a better deal, as Iran would have no reason to go to the negotiating table return and no reason to trust us, "said Andrew Keller, a former Deputy Secretary of State for Sanctions and Counter-Threat Financing

" Even if we are the European make him agree to something, what is the government's plan to get the Russians on board, the Chinese on board, not to mention the Iranians, "Keller said. "And if there is no plan for a new and better deal, how can we be safer outside of this?"

The State Department official said the administration does not know if and to what degree the Europeans will be on board – talks with European allies began this afternoon, the official said, and he's still going to react.

National security adviser John Bolton, an Iranian hawk who nonetheless told people that he had an obligation to offer all options to Trump, offered a variety of options, including the lifting of all sanctions, the introduction of new sanctions, or the extension of negotiations Europeans.

Trump noted that more time would not bridge disagreements, most notably his call for Iran's nuclear program to be curbed after the 2030 sunset treaty.

Some White House officials were surprised when Trump announced on Monday that he planned to make the announcement. Most helpers expected him to wait until Saturday before the deadline for sanction waivers was reached.

A US official suggested that the timetable be postponed so as not to hinder the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem next week, which could cause trouble in the Middle East.

CNN's Jim Acosta, Sarah Westwood, Barbara Starr and Phil Mattingly contributed to the report.

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