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Interview with Dadi Freyr Petursson, an Icelandic real Eurovision contestant, in a Netflix movie:

A photo of Dadi Freyr Petursson, holding a microphone next to the still picture of Will Ferrer’s movie, as Icelandic armored Lars Erickssong

Photo by Slate. Photos of Hanna Andrésardóttir and Netflix.

On Netflix European Singing Contest: Legendary Stories, Will Ferrell played Lars Erickssong, the son of an Icelandic fisherman, dreaming of winning his life on Eurovision. In the middle of the year, he has been playing with Sigrit Ericksdottir (Rachel McAdams) in a local bar, which “may not be” his sister. There, angry locals refused to listen to Fire Saga’s original works, but instead demanded endless translation of the local novel song “Jaja Ding Dong”. When a bureaucratic writer (perhaps with the help of some elves) sent Fire Saga to Eurovision, Lars had the opportunity to return to Husavik to his disapproving father (Pierce Brosnan), proving that he really needed it.

As it happens, before the cancellation of Eurovision 2020 for COVID-19, one of the most popular awards to win the competition is this year’s Actual Entry into Iceland led by Daði Freyr Pétursson, 27. Last winter, a video of Daði and his group Gagnamagnið (consisting of his wife, his sister and some friends) carried a virus and recorded their work “Think About Things”. The song is very fascinating, and its performances (including well-designed dance steps, coordinated jumpsuits and the charming 6’9” Daði understanding attitude) are the overwhelming winners of the Icelandic (Söngvakeppnin) competition, which It was the country’s decision to enter the European Singing Contest. I once talked to Daði about the Icelandic version of Will Ferrell, how his grotesque group became a gambling hit, and why he was against Europe. The cancellation of the TV network felt less sad.

Slate: Is it a bit surreal to see your photos? Exact life story Reflected in various ways in the movie?

Daði: Haha, yes, just like my life!

“I sent a song in 2017-not kidding, but I think it’s funny for me try. “

—Daði Freyr Pétursson

In Eurovision Song Contest, Will Ferrell’s character Lars has always dreamed of winning Eurovision. Are you a fan of Eurovision? Have you always dreamed of participating in the competition?

I never grew up like a super fan. I have been watching. Most people in Iceland watch it. Therefore, I am a fan like ordinary Icelanders.

Your group consists of you and your friends and family. How did you finally bring this group to Iceland?

How it happened is strange. I sent a song in 2017-not kidding, but I think it’s fun to try. It was accepted. First, I want to sing with a friend of mine, but after two or three weeks, he saved me. So I decided to do it myself. Because you can sit on the stage for six people, I decided to bring as many people as possible, because it would be more interesting.

In 2017, you won the runner-up. Then you enter 2020 again and win Söngvakeppnin.

Oh yes

When watching the video, your performance style seems to be very different from what I think of the Eurovision performance style-softly, the performance is a bit ironic, not ranked first. To some extent, the fictional “Fire Saga” is more like a stereotyped competitor of Eurovision than you do. When creating this performance, were you trying to create something that is usually different from Eurovision, or did I misunderstand the performance of Eurovision?

European television networks are very diverse. There are many different moves in the game. I want to use clichés as much as possible, such as windmills, dances and musical instruments. There are crazy costumes and confetti. That’s how I make music and how I do things. This may not be a typical European singing contestant. In addition, we did almost all the work ourselves. A friend of mine made costumes, and members of the band did almost everything.

Where did you grow up?

I moved from Reykjavik to Denmark at the age of 1 and returned at the age of 9. When I moved back, I went to the rural school in Reykjavik for about an hour.

Have you been to Husavik?

I… definitely.

I think it’s interesting that Russ and Sigrit were seen as such freaks in Husavik. But I found that Iceland very much welcomes odd balls.

Yes, of course. The portrayal of Icelanders in the film is very inaccurate. We were super intolerant, narrow-minded, angry people when we came out, but I found it interesting. I don’t think people think Icelanders are like that.

Once they saw Russ working hard, they would become so celebrated and enthusiastic. Russ and his father also had touching scenes.

Yes, but… there is still a little bit angry. of most The accurate part of the movie is that the audience always wants to hear “Jaja Ding Dong”.

Wait, is that a real song?


Fire Saga is a disadvantage to enter the European television network. As the real game approaches, you become a favorite of odds setters. Tell me what’s going on.

Before we won the Icelandic championship, German TV host Jan Böhmermann tweeted and started to grow on Reddit from there, Russell Crowe tweeted. It started to get more views. This is an important reason why it is so high in opinion polls, because many people are watching it.

Not even Conspiracy theory Does Netflix promote you in secret?

This is so funny to me. There are many people cheering for other contestants in the Iceland competition, but somehow they can’t believe this song is very good, and the performance is also very good, people just like it. They became convinced that Netflix was doing its best.

Due to COVID-19, Eurovision was cancelled this year. Fire Saga allows you to have experience you don’t have. Does this movie reflect your expectations for Rotterdam? Do you expect to hold large parties and star-studded long songs? Are attractive Russian singers trying to seduce your band?

Very attractive Russian singer, maybe not. It was one of my favorite scenes, a long song, and I saw all these Eurovision contestants in one scene. I think this is a good thing, because all Eurovision fans will watch the movie. They really like that scene.

But this is a more professional and practical game than a movie. This was described as more chaotic and coincidental, and everything came in a hurry. Not at all. This is a huge production and super professional.

Has any of you ever watched a movie and thought about it, I’m sad i miss this, Or Oh thank god i missed this?

Watching movies has not changed my feeling of not participating in Eurovision.

which one

Which is not bad. I want to experience it with all my friends. Because we are not a real band. We will not sing in real life. It’s a great thing to be with those guys, but even if we compete, this song is much farther than I thought.

I have other questions about how the film portrays Iceland. To embarrass the American audience: will anyone really jump out of the fishing boat to Husavik like Ferrer?

I mean, it depends on how far the fishing boat is. I’m pretty sure he will not be spared.

“For me, Sigur Ros is not even sad music. It feels good music. “

—Daði Freyr Pétursson

When Icelanders are sad, do they listen to Sigros?

This is a fact. That is the law. If you are sad, you need to listen to Sigur Ros. Otherwise, you will go to prison.


For me, Sigur Ros is not even sad music. The music feels good.

When the Americans started asking them about the elves, every Icelander I talked to was eye-opening. How do you feel about elves?

This is not part of my life. But I think it is interesting to include it in the movie. That’s an aspect I didn’t expect.

The portrayal of Icelanders in the film is very inaccurate, but I still find it very interesting-seeing an American comedy in Iceland, there are many Icelandic actors, some of whom I know, and they all have a super Icelandic accent.

What do you think of the Icelanders in Pierce Brosnan? How did he do it?

not too good! The first scene in the movie is also very interesting, all these Icelandic actors speak perfect Icelandic, and then you see him. I have to open the subtitles to understand him.

He tried it! This is a difficult language!

Haha, if his pronunciation is good, it really won’t change anything.

You have recorded the cover of “Volcano Man”. Can we expect “Double Trouble” and Sigrit’s love song cover?

No, maybe not. Although the last song is Sigrit’s song, but I really like it, this is a great pop song. For the final performance, I played chicken skin ose.

What about “Jaja Ding Dong”? Will you record “Jaja Ding Dong”?

Oh, that’s a great song, but I don’t think I can add anything to it. Everything is perfect.

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