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The 22-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson turned the pain of the breakup into an ethereal, alternative folk song on her debut album “Wilted. (October 29)

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Paris Jackson follows in the footsteps of her famous father.

The 22-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson released her first solo single “Let Down” on November 13, which is the result of her upcoming debut album “Wilted”.

But unlike pop music icons, Jackson described his original soundtrack as an alternative ballad.

A song “Let Down” that Jackson wrote in the bedroom with only guitar tells the story of a breakup, the story of the breakup stems from her personal life.

Jackson formed “The Soundflowers” with musician boyfriend Gabriel Glenn in 2018. They split in August.

Paris Jackson is about to portray JesusProvoked strong opposition; producers called it “disproportionately blowing”

“You are everything to me, now I’m on the ground,” She is singing.

Her new single is accompanied by a music video, full of horror and blood on Halloween. For example, her lover’s heart was torn from her chest by her lover.

Jackson admitted that she felt “too many emotions” before the song was released.

Jackson said in a statement: “I’m very excited, I’m very nervous, mainly because of gratitude and happiness.” “The freedom to create, not being told to sing, how to sing, how to write; great. It is a gift , This is a blessing.”

Michael Jackson famously tried to keep his three children out of the spotlight. After Paris and her two brothers died of an overdose of propofol in 2009, Prince, 23, and Bigi, 18, accompanied their grandmother Katherine Jackson. Paris moved to Paris when he was 18 years old and has been engaged in modeling and acting, but always plays music.

In June, she and Glenn made a documentary series on Facebook Watch called “Unfiltered”, which gave her a glimpse of her private life and the duo’s small audio tour. In his testimony, Jackson revealed self-harm and suicide attempts, and said that music is a way to relieve pain.

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