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Waiting for the nuclear Trump role in the middle of the reaction 2 Korea

For North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, such as the installation of a protective shield against the threat of another country. That's why they never wanted to interfere in the affairs of this terrible weapon. In 2003, North Korea withdrew from a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In fact, the treaty is the only international regime that regulates nuclear weapons.

Yunizar Adiputera, international security expert and denuclearization activist, revealed this in a discussion in Yogyakarta on Thursday (3/5), in conjunction with the two Korean meetings on Friday, April 27. Yunizar is active in the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), an organization that has been actively engaged in the destruction of nuclear weapons since 201

3. Last year, the organization received the Nobel Prize.

Yunizar says that there are two separate parts of reconciliation in Korea. The first part was conducted by Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in in terms of economics, social affairs and security. The second part will be taken over by Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump for nuclear issues.

The meeting of the second Korean leader, Yunizar said, is a good development. But obviously this is the beginning of the actual meeting that will take place between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

"To what extent will the United States give the concession to the North later, which will determine whether peace can be achieved on the Korean peninsula, because North Korea's position is clear unless its regime is disturbed, they will not This should also be balanced, "said Yunizar Adiputera.

North Korea's nuclear weapons problem has been a major problem not only for the United States and South Korea, but also for the countries of the region and a number of countries that operate nuclear weapons such as Russia, India and Pakistan. Yunizar said that in some talks, North Korea often feels injustice because nuclear property ownership is in question, while there are a number of countries in the world that use the same technology.

"We need to put this question in the right context, a lot to pay attention to in the denuclearization process, maybe it depends on how the meeting between Jong-un and Trump is, and whether the meeting with Trump could steer this denuclearization effort into a more concrete direction For example, what North Korea really wants, so they want to stop their nuclear test, "Yunizar added.

North Korea has often promised to stop its nuclear test. However, the promises are always violated. This custom must be careful, Yunizar said. The problem is, North Korea has always argued that they would strip nuclear power if other countries that have the technology do the same.

North Korea demands the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. That is, not only them, but also all areas of East Asia. During this time, North Korea is suspicious, there are nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan, where the role of the US is located in both countries.

In Japan itself, as a country with a nuclear trauma, this problem becomes very sensitive. Siti Daulah Khoiriati, an expert on East Asia from Gadjah Mada University, said nuclear weapons have always been a domestic issue. In his policy, however, Japan was rather unclear.

"Nuclear power has always been an issue to gain domestic support in Japan, and Japan has a bad past because it once colonized Korea, and if Japan loses the war, there is not even a clear solution because it is simple go, "said Siti.

Dr. Only Rachmat Yuliantoro, head of UGM's International Relations Department, said in this discussion that international sanctions against North Korea seemed to reap the benefits. Not only from the United States, the strict attitude of the Chinese government could make Kim Jong-un seem to calm down.

"He does not want the situation to worsen, so we can see that Kim Jong-un did all that because he was forced by such a situation." For South Korea, this meeting became a reunification instrument when even far away, and also to ease the tensions in the region, because North Korea remains an actor that can not be excluded, "said Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has repeatedly expressed his appreciation to Donald Trump for his efforts to create two Korean reconciliations. In fact, President Moon believes that Trump is entitled to receive the Nobel Prize for his efforts. But while Rachmat jokes Yuliantoro, Nur Rachmat speculates Yuliantoro that Kim Jong-un may earn more.

"In 2000, we know that South Korean President Kim Dae-jung has been awarded the Nobel Prize for peace-building efforts by North Korea at the time, Kim Jong-il. Perhaps Kim Jong-un is the one who has earned Nobel." said Rachmat, laughing.

The two Koreas held their last summit in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, on October 2 and 4, 2007. [ns/lt]

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