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Rainer Sabin, Orion Sang and Chris Solari defeated Saturday̵

7;s Michigan Wolverines vs. Michigan State Spartans in Ann Arbor on Halloween.

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Michigan football suffered the worst loss during the Jim Harbaugh era.

And in the hands of an opponent of hatred.

In the favor of three touchdowns, Wolverines lost to Michigan State University 27-24 on Saturday afternoon. After an impressive victory in Minnesota last week, the loss greatly reduced expectations for this Michigan team.

There are misunderstandings in all three stages of the game. Despite entering the game world, the Wolverines seem to be tense and tense on offense and defense. The terrible loss shifted the pendulum of competition to the Spartans and first-year coach Mel Tucker.


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Here are some revelations of Michigan’s losses:

What should Jim Harbaugh do now?

In most cases, Harbaugh won the game that should have been won, and lost the game that should have been lost. For all the suffering of Michigan State against Ohio State, after the past two games, Wolverine seems to have completely controlled the in-state matchup. But in Tucker’s competitive debut, the Spartans reversed this concept. Michigan State University is hungry. Play loosely. It did not make mistakes like it did with Rutgers last week. Thanks to Credit Tucker, his staff and his players for executing and producing more winning works.

But this loss is also on Harbaugh. Michigan State’s offense looked unremarkable, and the entire game was unstable. The defense was hurt in the same low shot in four quarters and couldn’t defend the real freshman. Then, it gave up a 92-yard touchdown drive to complete the game, and Michigan State scored in a silver screen game, and this type of screen killed the past Michigan State team in this game. There is no excuse for Wolverine’s play. Although Harbaugh’s victory last week is commendable, his defeat on Saturday deserves more scrutiny. Wolverine lost to one of their biggest opponents, a game they shouldn’t have. This is the sixth year of the Hubble era-Michigan is heading in the wrong direction.

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Secondary exposure

Everyone wants to know that the two new starting guards of the Wolverines will be acquitted this season, and in most cases, they passed the test of the Gophers. But they were repeatedly targeted by the Spartans in the low court.

Freshman receiver Ricky White (Ricky White) received eight passes for 196 yards and a touchdown. It doesn’t matter who covers White-of course the Wolverines tried all options, and even backup guard Jaylen Perry raised starting guard Vincent Gray in the second half. Despite this, White continued to play, including a twisted diving game. In the final touchdown game of the Spartans, Michigan State University ranked Michigan State University at Michigan State 3. The Michigan State University coach clearly has a game plan to attack Wolves’ young corners, and has made several returns.

Offensive stall

Michigan’s offense increased the number of yards, but was not as efficient as last Saturday. The Wolverines are behind schedule because invalid runs have been causing yard losses in the middle. At one point, they faced an average of 9.4 yards for the third drop. The running game that was so effective for Gophers was shut down on the front line of Michigan State University, and the front line of Michigan State University hindered the guard. This makes Joe Milton and the passing game the responsibility to switch to the low court, and in most cases, they can’t do it. Milton threw the ball out of bounds. Fortunately, he was not intercepted. He also threw the wrong pass behind the receiver, above and in front, and did not seem to stand idly by. Thanks to the success of running the game, the Wolverines were able to put the first-year starters into last week’s game through a series of screens and short free throws. But everything disappeared on Saturday-the offensive defense only had 24 points left, and after losing to Rutgers last week, the defense has improved a lot. Even the last touchdown took too much time because the offense reduced the tempo and the dunk score dropped by 10 points on the court, which drained the game at 4:34.

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