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In April, Amazon, HBO Max, Hulu and more best movies and TV shows will be released

“Destroy all barbarians”

Start streaming: April 7

The filmmaker Raoul Peck may be known for the 2016 Oscar-nominated documentary “I am not your black man”, he solved his most ambitious through the four-part film “Exterminate All Barbarians” The project, partly based on Sven Lindqvist’s book of the same name about European rule in Africa, partly about historian and indigenous rights activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Haitian anthropology The academic work of Michel-Rolph Trouillot. Peck relies on a mix of old movies and new dramatized fragments of historical events (all covered with the director̵

7;s narrative), thinking about how popular culture and literary classics shaped the narratives of indigenous peoples and their colonial invaders. This project is both beneficial and enlightening, and aims to change the audience’s perception of historical heroes and villains.


Start streaming: April 11

The movie “The Nevers” is full of steampunk and X-Men-like energy. This is a semi-comic action-adventure series created by Joss Whedon (behind the scenes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly”). Whedon’s contribution was underestimated by HBO’s promotion department, partly because he left the product in the middle of the first season-probably because of recent accusations of mental abuse by his former employees. Nevertheless, “The Nevers”, created in the British Victorian era, feels like one of his performances, with alternating anxious and witty roles. Laura Donnelly plays the superhero Amalia True, who leads a group of strange and powerful women called “moved” by the London nobility. When ladies deal with supernatural phenomena, they will also clashed with an institution that wants to keep them marginalized, because of what they can do and because of who they are.

“Mother of East City”

Start streaming: April 18

Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) in the movie “Out of the Stove” and “Out of the Way” in the crime drama “Mare of Easttown” by Brad Ingelsby (Brad Ingelsby), Acting as a police detective in a dogged Pennsylvania town, the family life is chaotic. Like Ingsby’s film, this miniseries uses a silly premise-a murder mystery-as an entry point for complex and fascinating research into places that are both familiar and unique. Director Craig Zobel and top actors (including the heroine’s mother Jean Smart and former high school basketball teammate Julianne Nicholson) captured every Individuals know the limitations and comfort of a secret community where each other is suffering. The plot of the gray tone program is similar to a harsh European police performance, but the performance and dialogue are full of energy.

Also arrived at:

April 1

“born to love”

April 13

“Our Town”

April 15

“Unlimited Train” Season 4

April 16

“Mortal Kombat”

“WeWork: The manufacture and destruction of a $47 billion unicorn”

Start streaming: April 2

Like many stories about cutting-edge business ideas, the legend of real estate sharing company WeWork ultimately comes down to the disconnect between its boss’s public ideals and the ugly reality of making money. “WeWork: Or Make and Break a $47 Billion Unicorn” directed by Jed Rothstein, contains a lot of internal interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, all of which describe a startup, the The company began to tout the problem of overpriced office space by touting ingenious solutions for modern urbanites, but then tried to develop into a clumsy lifestyle brand. Rothstein’s films mainly focus on the charismatic co-founder Adam Neumann, and how Neumann and his executives spend money like billionaires, while at the same time facing even right Faithful staff misrepresents their work.


Start streaming: April 20

Journalist David Holthouse has spent most of his career studying strange American subcultures, spending time with people whose lives revolve around drugs, violence or mysteries. In the three-part documentary series “Sasquatch”, Holthouse walked into the so-called “Emerald Triangle” (Emerald Triangle) in Northern California, which is one of the most famous cannabis cultivation areas in the world. Farmer dismembered by the notorious Bigfoot. Director Joshua Rofé followed Holthouse into the wild and interviewed locals who are passionate about cannabis and supernatural phenomena. The stories they publish are partly about the creepy phenomenon and partly about the real dangers of crime in the community.

Also arrived at:

April 3


April 8

“Glaad Media Awards”

April 9


April 12


April 15

“Younger” Season 7

April 16

“Fly like a girl”


April 21

“Cruel Summer”

April 22

“Greta Thunberg: A year that changed the world”

April 25

“Wild Thyme”

April 28

Season 4 “The Maid’s Story”


Start streaming: April 9

The subtitle of the first season of the new horror anthology “Them” is “The Covenant”, which refers to the housing regulations for middle-class residents in the suburbs in the early 1950s. Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas married their two young daughters. They moved from North Carolina to an all-white community in Los Angeles in search of their American dream. They are openly hostile by their new neighbors (including the cruel leader of the local housewife, played by Alison Pill), and they are also haunted by strange supernatural forces. “Them”, created by Little Marvin and produced by Lena Waithe, uses the offensive facts of racial discrimination to disturb the audience even before the arrival of non-human monsters.

Also arrived:

April 2

“crucial moment”

April 16

“Frank of Ireland”

April 30

“No Regrets”

Mosquito Coast

Start streaming: April 30

Justin Theroux is both the producer and star of the mini-film “The Mosquito Coast,” an adaptation of his uncle Paul Theroux’s acclaimed 1981 novel. The show’s co-authors Neil Cross and Tom Bissell and director Rupert Wyatt updated the story to the 21st century, but it’s still about idealism And eccentric inventor Allie Fox (Allie Fox), he hates modern technology just as he hates American materialism. Chasing his dream-avoiding the federal government-Ellie packed his family on a crumbling boat and drifted them to Latin America, where he intends to live. The TV version sometimes differs greatly from the book, but the heart is the same: a rich portrait, depicting a clever madman and the people he is bewildered by it.

Also arrived:

April 2

“Doug unplugged”

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