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In a speech to Jewish Israel, Abbas crowned himself as the new leader of the Arabs in the country

“Now is the time for change,” the conservative Islamist told his Hebrew-speaking audience, who were framed by the green flag.

The large Jewish Israelis passed out.

Love him or hate him, Mansour Abbas has proven himself to be a shrewd politician. He ignores expectations at all times: First, leave the coalition list instead of obeying party orders; then, conduct a disciplined election campaign that makes his party lonely, far exceeding the threshold of voters.

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Now, Abbas seems ready to complete his hat trick: making his Arab Israeli party an active participant in the right-wing government. Not only any right-wing government, but also the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been condemned by Arab Israelis for years of tempting rhetoric and evolving legislation that has been condemned as discriminatory.

For this, Abbas knew he needed a dramatic speech, which might change the way Israeli Jews view him. So he devoted himself to calling for peace and reconciliation. When talking about respect for the humanity of all people, one might forget his party’s strong opposition to gay rights.

Ram leader Mansour Abbas and his supporters in the northern city of Nazareth on April 1, 2021 (David Cohen / Flash90)

Abbas said: “I pray with hope and seek to live together on the basis of mutual respect and true equality.” “Our common ground is greater than the common ground that divides us.”

Abbas carefully avoided mentioning the Palestinian cause, although he did emphasize the need for Jews to understand the narrative of Arab Israelis. But don’t be misled: Abbas has not forgotten the Palestinians, his associates said. He is pragmatic and strategic, and will fight the next day.

Change of guard

The speech also showed that Arab Israeli politics has formed a new balance of power. For many years, the largest party in Arab Israel (Hadash) has determined the political agenda of Arab Israel, and its members control important public institutions.

The head of Hadash, Ayman Odeh, leads a coalition of Arab political parties-making him the most well-known Israeli Palestinian citizen in Israel and the world.

But in the last election, Hardash won only three seats in the Knesset (a total of six seats in the joint list), while Ra’am only had four seats. In his speech on Thursday night, Abbas pushed the knife deeper.

Abbas said: “I am Mansour Abbas, a member of the Islamic movement. I am a proud Arab and Muslim. I am a citizen of the State of Israel. He leads the largest and most important politics in Arab society. Movement.” Hadas.

Odeh constantly promotes the values ​​of Arab-Jewish partnership, coexistence, equality and mutual respect. However, he has so far been unacceptable to Israeli Jewish politicians because he refuses to compromise on citing the Palestinian national cause. He also never considered sitting with Netanyahu.

But the head of the joint list must tighten his fists while watching the Nazareth broadcast on Thursday night. After all, if center-left wingers are as brave or desperate as Netanyahu, then Odeh may have stood on that platform last year, trying to usher in a new era of Arab-Jewish relations in the Griene region. line.

Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi of the joint list announced after their meeting with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid in Tel Aviv on April 1, 2021 Speak (screenshot)

After Israel held its third rapid-fire election in March 2020, Odder’s coalition of mainly Arab political parties surged to an unprecedented 15 seats in the Knesset. Driven by the enthusiasm, the joint list nominated the blue and white chief Benny Gantz (Benny Gantz) as prime minister-only to see Gantz give them cold shoulders and compete with Netanyahu (Natanyahu) Formed an alliance.

Odeh and the left-wing center party in the alliance of his parliamentarians did not hesitate to respond in kind to their newly discovered political power and credibility. Arab voters are in trouble with the support of the “joint list”, feeling desperate and frustrated, and the voters’ sense of indifference has also increased.

Ram’s political worldview was affected by this disaster. Rahm voters and parliamentarians expressed cynical views on both the left and the right.

But unlike the joint list, Raam came to the opposite conclusion. Some members of the joint list seemed to be more cautious about supporting Zionist politicians. The seemingly mercenary nature of Ram’s politics does not stem from any newly discovered affinity for Netanyahu, but from a strong disillusionment with the Zionist center and the left.

Ra’am’s associates pointed out that Islamists prefer Netanyahu to the anti-Netanyahu group, which is leaderless and busy with self-war. He said that if Ram plays a role in the Netanyahu government, even from the outside, or even within a short period of time, it may be enough to make Arab parties legal forever.

On the night of election on March 23, 2021, Ram leader Mansour Abbas and party members will be held at the Tamla Party headquarters (Flash90)

But as for their views on the Zionist left and right, other than interests? Rahm members rarely have positive things to say.

“I tell you, two [camps] Not good, but in the end, we still have a demand. “When the coming Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim (Ra’am MK Mazen Ghanaim) was asked which one he preferred-he said: the group that supports Netanyahu or the group that opposes him.

Abbas told Israel on Thursday night that although he repeatedly used the term in pre-election interviews, he did not want to be considered king. On the day of the election on March 23, Abbas told the Times of Israel at a school in his hometown of Maghar: “We will be the deciding makers of scale.”

No matter who finally put forward Abbas’s proposal to establish the next government, the Arab-Israeli political revolution is in full swing. Abbas is now the largest political participant in Arab Israel. The question now is what the supremacy will bring him and how long it will last.

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