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If you can’t beat the pirates, Max and the circus, option years, Bauer and other cubs

Due to yesterday’s Twitter bug, our BN Bulls Twitter account was restricted as if it were an automated spam bot. Obviously, many accounts are incorrectly flagged. For various reasons, this is simply nonsense, but for us, it is obvious that we cannot tweet. And it looks terrible. However, the process of solving the problem is one of the huge black boxes. You don’t know if there are other people on the other side. They only need to spend two seconds to check the account and say, oh yes, this is normal. So, anyway, if you see a warning about this account, or want to know why we haven’t tweeted a day, that’s why. We are doing our best!

• The Buccaneers are one of the worst MLB teams in recent years. In the last week of the season, their overall win rate against the Cubs increased by 1

3.3%. Yes, the Cubs’ BABIP luck last night was very bad, yes the previous night was a small-scale walker. These two games are decided only once. Yada Yada Yada. I understand, but this does not change the reality that the Cubs are possessed by this year’s bad pitchers. Trevor Williams (Trevor Williams) Dominant The Cubs entered the start of the game with a 6.70 ERA last night and allowed 30 RUNS in the previous five games.

• um, yes. We are allowed to be concerned and frustrated. There will be more information on this topic soon. The Cubs will try to play four games with the Pirates in just a few hours. It’s too early today.

• At least Kyle Hendricks ended his year by dominating a team that he should have dominated – but the two cubs who homered in the first inning participated in the game, but:

• When starting the teaching alliance next month, please pay attention to some things about whether Braylyn Marquez has been recruited and included in the 40-man lineup:

• Therefore, if Marquez is trained by 40 players in the final days of the season and in the playoffs, then he will not be able to participate in guided games. It really sucks. If you think he has a great opportunity to help him, and you have almost no chance of causing serious risks to his growth, it is still worth raising him. However, if you are in the fence, this is just another factor that suggests that when you talk about the Cubs’ first top spin pitch prospect in a decade, it may not be worth the risk.

• Top draft pick Ed Howard is expected to participate in the Cubs coaching ball this year. Is it me or he seems to have gained some weight:

• Again, it may look like him, because most of the videos in our amateur profession are from his high school or younger age more than a year ago. There are more weird things in 2020.

• Speaking of the prospects and weirdness of this year, please check the following important unresolved issues:

• We have long believed that this year will be Adbert Alzolay’s last choice year. If he looks like the night before, it may not matter because he was clearly one of your 13 best pitchers at the time, and he will take the Cubs out of training camp anyway next year. However, if you really want to be able to choose him to join AAA Iowa, there is a huge unresolved question now, that is, due to the shortening of this year’s structure, whether he is indeed eligible for additional options next season. I must believe that this issue was anticipated by the union when it formulated the March agreement applicable to this season (but the issue did not appear in the text of the agreement). So, I think now we continue to think that Alzolay is not among the choices…Star may not be his choice.

• I know you will be kidding, but this is a huge achievement for any player:

• Reaching 10 years is of great significance to a person’s future health care and pension, and this is just one of the goals pursued by many long-term players (non-star players). Similarly, the Cubs can also perform Desc on the DFA this year, but it can keep him IL for 45 days. They both paid the same price, but this method ensured that he had a life of 10 years.

• Trevor Bauer once again led the way last night. He and the Reds formed a ridiculous Cy-Young season. It is quite possible to become a platform for free agents. However, a large part of his season has not been talked about by the general public. I am also at a loss. This refers to Bauer:

• You will remember that Bauer made a very public statement on a suspicious astronaut pitching behavior a few years ago and said that the only way to add 400-ish RPM to your fastball is to use illegal grip Enhancer (He proved this in a round just to prove his point. Now that his spin speed has jumped 400 RPM this year, he will win Cy Young. He *his* compared it with the use of steroids. What are we doing without even talking about it? Does the MLB just want to avoid the inevitable negative attention, especially considering the reality of so many pitchers? Can we just change the Dangdang rules and make it legal to have a grip enhancer? ?

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