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President Trump called on female voters at a rally in Michigan to help their husbands recover from the economic impact of the COVID-1

9 pandemic.

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WASHINGTON-Donald Trump’s control of the Republican Party was unthinkable when he launched the seemingly unlikely bid for the 2016 nomination.

But even if Trump loses his reelection on Tuesday, his grip in the Republican Party is now strong enough that it may take some time before the party’s numbers are on the way forward.

GOP consultant Brendan Buck said: “I don’t think this is a party that is ready to deal with what it’s doing or ready to reassess itself in the short term.” He has served in the past two Republican House Speakers. Work in China and do not support Trump.

Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party was swift. When Trump was in the lead and center of the main debate in 2016, he initially made slow progress in consolidating support. Even at the beginning of the conference, the possibility of his nomination has always existed.

Once Trump was elected, however, he reshaped the party in his image and Republican public officials have been judged-he and voters-mainly for their loyalty to the president.

Buck said: “Unless there is a change, it will be very difficult to have a real conversation to change us as party people.”

Despite this fact, the headlines are still full of former Republican officials who rejected the Republican Party, even though the party’s base is still passionate about the president.

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Gallup said that 95% of Republicans approve of Trump’s work style, a figure similar to George W. Bush’s status before his re-election in 2004.

However, in the months leading up to the election, Trump was generally considered inferior to Bush among independents and Democrats.

Lost older voters, women

The areas most eroded are older voters, college-educated voters and women.

Trump to women at the Michigan rally: “We are getting your husband back to work”

William A. Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who served in the Clinton administration, said such changes may lead to long-term political restructuring. If voters are willing to interrupt their relations with the Republican Party to support Democratic challenger Joe Biden, as they have seen during Biden’s tenure, they can make their temporary positions permanent.

Galston said: “In this regard, this may be an extremely important election, because it will mean a change in the structure of the US political plate.” “This may be a big problem.”

The Lincoln Project, a group of former Republicans who gave up reshaping the party, put some of the toughest advertisements on Trump and followed Senate Republicans on the ballot.

“Many people may be interested in rebuilding the Republican Party,” said Reed Gallen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, who worked for President George W. Bush and Arizona Senator John McCain. “We are not them.”

Galen considered the Lincoln Project to be an “alliance partner” of the Biden administration.

He said: “If you want to make this country healthy, return to work and return to school, it will require extensive, bipartisan and national efforts to achieve this goal.” “In this regard, we can help Biden To the extent that the President provides help, we hope to do this.”

The Lincoln Project recently tweeted happily that its 2.6 million followers have surpassed the 2.5 million followers of the Republican National Committee.

For Republicans like Buck, this is just proof that the organization will not express opinions on conservative seats.

He said: “I think they are a group of people who effectively lead the Democratic political organization. Their followers are Democrats. They are very happy to see them take away Republicans for them.”

Can Trump supporters and Trump never people coexist?

In fact, it is not clear whether the conservatives who oppose Trump and the changes he brought to the party are an important force, said Vanessa Williamson, author of the book “The Tea Party and the Reconstruction of Republican Conservatism”.

Williamson said in a recent discussion at the Brookings Institution: “I think the question that remains unresolved is how much support these people will get in the institution or in the support of voters.” “I think, as far as the Republican Party is concerned, In terms of its organization or power level within the party, I didn’t even describe it as a faction.”

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At the Conservative American Enterprise Institute, scholar Yuval Levin has been convening political advisers to politicians to discuss how to change the services conservatives provide to voters.

Levine had formulated domestic policies for Bush, and some of them believed that “far before Trumpism,” the grassroots tenants of Reaganism-lowering taxes and letting market forces rule-drove the party to not provide services to working families for many years.

He said: “Within the power, this is indeed a debate.” “I think Republican politicians are still deeply confused about what happened in 2016.”

Likewise, a new think tank, the American Compass, is trying to make it clear that “post-Trumpism must be very different from pre-Trumpism.”

“Trump actually proved that the center right thinks it knows what its politicians should say, and that everything its voters care about is wrong,” Senator Mitt Romney’s former executive director in 2012 Oren Cass said. Presidential campaign.

Cass believes that conservative public policies are too dominated by liberal impulses, and this laissez-faire approach leaves many needs unresolved.

He said: “We believe that public policy can play a greater role in making the market function well.”

A big tent?

Sarah Longwell, the founder of the Republican rule of law and the joint defense of democracy, said that in order to recalibrate, Republicans must first wander in the wilderness.

She said: “It depends on how tight Donald Trump is with the party.” “Because one thing that is really important to know about Donald Trump is that he cares less about defeating Democrats than having the Republican Party. .”

Therefore, Longwell believes that voters must “completely annihilate” Republicans on November 3.

But the group she led did not work as aggressively as the Lincoln Plan to defeat any Republicans except Trump.

For the US$30 million campaign to jointly defend democracy, the bill aims to give Republicans “vote against Trump by electing the testimony of Republicans.” Longwell hopes to put up as many tents as possible.

She said: “90% of people in our project clearly endorse Biden and may vote directly.” “But many others may not. We hope that there is a project that can provide a home for everyone in the space.”

John Pudner, a former Romney consultant who supports Trump, said that “Never Trumpers” lost credibility to ordinary Republicans when they followed the senator.

He said: “I just don’t see conservatives thinking that we will get better when every branch is controlled by the Democratic Party.”

Tom Nichols, senior adviser to the Lincoln Project, said that if Republicans lose the White House, they should allow the Senate to keep the Democrats in check. This is ridiculous.

“I don’t remember that no one has said for more than 40 years,’Now we are on the verge of a slippery slope… But we better let some Democrats be in power, lest we go crazy,” Nichols said. The author of the book.

He said that because “party deaths are rare,” the most likely future is a reorganized Republican Party.

“But it needs new people,” he added.

Levine said that even if Trump loses, he cannot predict what will happen after November 3.

However, he quickly said: “These conversations will be everywhere on the right.”

Levin added: “I mean, this is what we are going to do.”

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