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If Trump and Biden are tied, the next president could be…Nancy Pelosi.That’s it

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7;s relationship at Electoral College could lead to…President Nancy Pelosi
The 2020 presidential election is only a few days away, and many people are wondering what will happen if the Electoral College votes evenly. One possible outcome could be…President Nancy Pelosi.

Although unlikely, the relationship between electoral colleges is not entirely impossible, and it does have historical precedents.

The Electoral College consists of 538 votes distributed between all 50 states and Washington. DC becomes president. The candidate must win a majority of these votes, with 270 being the absolute minimum.

But 538 is an even number, which means that 269 electoral votes may be obtained in both cases. In this result, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote to break the tie.

At the same time, if there is a tie, the Senate elects the vice president. This means that the United States can have Republican presidents and Democratic vice presidents.

If the House of Representatives cannot decide the president and the Senate has selected a vice president, then the vice president will become the acting president until the matter is resolved.

If neither the Senate nor the House of Representatives has a candidate, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi) will become the acting president until both houses of Congress decide someone. Click here for more of our stories.

In other developments:
-Hillary Clinton is the Democratic elector of New York
-Which state has the most electoral votes?
-Michael Moore does not believe that polls show Biden is before Trump
-McConnell said Democrats have a “50-50” chance of changing control of the Senate
-Dems had an early vote for Arizona Republicans
-The 2020 election polls show that Biden’s lead in Florida is very small, with 5 days left in the national lead

Tucker Carlson shared how UPS explained the missing package of Biden’s family documents
Tucker Carlson of Fox News used his Thursday night monologue to introduce the audience to the package of missing Biden family documents, which are being shipped from New York City to Los Angeles via UPS.

When the package was sent, Carlson was in Los Angeles, ready to be interviewed by Tony Boblinsky, a former family business partner of Biden.

Carlson explained: “Somewhere along the way, the contents of the package disappeared. Inside was a flash drive that contained the main files related to the Biden family. These files did not come from Tony Bobrinski. Of course, we made Make a copy of these documents before sending, because we are very careful.

He continued: “We have been obtaining a large number of documents from many different sources, especially in election years.” “Before publishing them, we must first determine whether they are genuine, whether they are newsworthy and show people whether they are legal. We want to evaluate what we have, and we are still evaluating it.”

Carlson said UPS claimed that the flash drive was discovered by an hourly worker in the company’s 43rd Street building in New York City on Monday night.

He said: “They implied that it might be sitting there on the floor. They couldn’t prove it was because there were no security cameras in a room that could handle millions of high-value packages. This is what they told us .”Add to.

“Obviously, we have some questions about this, but UPS executives did not answer our questions.” Click here to learn more.

In other developments:
-Tucker Carlson’s explosive Bobulinski interview attracted 7.6 million viewers because the mainstream media turned a blind eye to it
-Tucker said that the “damn” Hunter Biden file mysteriously disappeared on the way to Los Angeles
-‘Lapdog press’ stopped the explosive Tony Bobulinski claiming that CNN, MSNBC, NYT and WaPo skipped the story
-“Credible denial”: Tony Bobulinski claims that the Bidens are free from concerns about the risk of bidding in 2020

Fauci estimates when the United States will return to “something normal”
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the largest infectious disease expert in the United States, recently stated in an online discussion that if a large number of Americans are vaccinated, he estimated that by the end of 2021 or 2022, “something normal” will be restored.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Fauci made the above comments during a conversation with the University of Melbourne in Australia on the coronavirus.

According to the report, the new normal may still mean that restaurants cannot be served at full capacity, and the public will continue to wear masks indoors. Click here to learn more.

In other developments:
-Fauci called the coronavirus immune method “nonsense, very dangerous”
-Celebrities tear up California news news due to Coronavirus Thanksgiving Day rules
-Fauci: Even with the COVID-19 vaccine, “you can’t give up public health measures”
-Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley examine human waste in the sewer for signs of coronavirus hot spots: report

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Must-read today:
-Pentagon leaders target potential threats related to the killing of Iranian General Soleimani
-CNN’s Don Lemon compares Trump supporters with drug addicts: “They have to fall to the bottom” to get help
-Rapper Lil Wayne meets Trump
-Glenn Greenwald yelled “Embarrassment and anger” when he left “Intercept” in terms of censorship
-Ryan, Falcons revenge for the 25-17 Panthers

The latest news of FOX business:
-As user growth slowed, Twitter stock price plummeted
-Instagram suspends “recent” search listings on US websites to stop fake election news
-Delta, the pilot union reached a preliminary agreement to avoid vacations until 2022
-Netflix increases standard premium plan prices for new and existing members
-McDonald’s black franchisees filed a new discrimination lawsuit

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Some participles

Tucker Carlson said on Thursday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight”: “For decades, the Bidens have grown rich from selling influence abroad. Obviously.”

Carlson’s son and brother Carlson reported that they had contact with foreign governments and companies (sovereign wealth funds, energy groups, world oligarchs and dictators), and “they offered to offer the favor of Joe Biden In exchange for cash”, no one has debated until recently.

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