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IDP starts the game, sits down to play – Week 10 (Fantasy Football 2020)

The tenth week is coming. Although “Thursday Night Football” was shocking, it was kind to the IDP managers. Denico Autry landed the sixth big bag of the season, thanks in large part to DeForest Buckner’s dominance in the middle. Kenny Vaccaro and Kevin Byard actively adopted game scripts for solid production, and Jadeveon Clowney came back to provide his fantasy manager with some much-needed Make. We hope that the rest of week 10 will go smoothly.

In the deeper IDP leagues, these leagues do not see it as a pure novelty, so deciding who sits and who starts is often a challenge. With this in mind, we will look at some players who should start at the same time and participate in the IDP league. We will try to avoid obvious situations such as Devin White or Budda Baker at the beginning and focus on the players who will be debating this weekend.

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Start em

Camren Cole (S-WAS)
Kamren Curl completed this week’s game as a DB1 in Week 9, thanks to his 6 electric solos, 5 assists, 1 dismissal, 1 tackle loss and 2 QB hits. After seeing 70% of the snapshots in Week 7, he took all the snapshots and it looks like he will be locked in safety with the lost Landon Collins this season. Curl won a matchup against the Detroit Lions in Week 10, which allowed the 10th place to score in a safe position, and was a DB3 with a sneaky DB1 advantage. The Lions should keep him busy running and passing the ball, especially the field goal percentage Kuer spent in the penalty area. Start Curl whenever possible. You will not be disappointed.

Rodney McLeod (S-PHI)
Rodney McLeod’s fantasy scoring average of S11 per game should be maintained in Week 10. He did well in the game against the New York Giants and still has a big advantage for his fantasy managers. The Giants are only allowed to rank 20th in a safe position, but McLeod should at least be able to repeat Week 7’s performance on him, minus the recovery failure rate. In week 7, he recorded 3 solos, 3 assists and 1 failed recovery. During the long week of security visits, names like Curl and McLeod should be strongly considered, even if it’s just a week of auditions. Think of McLeod as the DB3 with DB2 advantage in week 10.

Eric Wilson (LB-MIN)
Eric Wilson performed well in Week 9 with 8 solos, 5 assists, 0.5 sacks, 1 QB hit, 1 interception and 1 defense. Since the 4th week, he has been LB1, but has not received the love he deserves. Entering the 10th week, he was ranked at the top of only 10% of the league. Although he appeared in our exemption line column again, he still did not exceed 20%. Wilson must start every week at this point in the season and should be treated like it. Check your wires to see if he is still lying down. At least he is worth it, and in the deeper leagues, even though the paper game with the Chicago Bears limits the position of the guard to the fifth lowest fantasy point, their paper match still wants to start. he.

TJ Edwards (LB – PHI)
TJ Edwards should return to almost every role in Week 10. In most leagues, Edwards is still online, this is the hot start against the New York Giants, which makes the 11th most amazing points point to the guard position. Edwards spent the night of his career in Dallas, scoring 6 solo games, 7 assists, 1 sacks, two tackles and 1 forced turnover, and he is ready for another strong game. Edwards completed a career-high 78% snapshot in week 8, and may play a bigger role in week 10. As a starter, he was in an injured reserve with Nathan Gerry and locked in the starting lineup, and LB2 was on the rise due to the plus. pair. Start him as much as possible.

Everson Griffin (DE-DET)
Everson Griffen (Everson Griffen) only took 41% of the snapshots in the Lions debut, but as Trey Flowers enters the injured reserve team, he should play a bigger role. He no longer has the advantage that can be said to be the best defensive end of football, but with Romeo Okwara (Romeo Okwara) cooking style, Griffin will no longer be the focus of the offensive line. In week 10, Griffin had more DL3 than DL2, but he performed well against Washington. Washington will start Alex Smith (Alex Smith), and they are allowed to be fired eight times in two partial games. With Smith now able to play all the snapshots, Griffen will be in a “sack watch” state. If one of your starting players goodbye, or if he is just your best healthy choice, start his game.


Isaiah Simmons (LB-ARI)
Isaiah Simmons saw the highest 53% snapshot of the season in week 9, so hopefully the expansion of role-playing heralds things going forward. He has a total of four solos (also the highest in his career), but only three singles with a central defender. He has been playing on side guards and slot machines, so his usage needs to be sustained to continue. The Cardinals are looking for a good way to get him on the court, but it’s difficult to trust him every week until they don’t have a clear role. The fantasy managers have stayed with Simmons all season, or packed him up after his promising outing, they want to give it another week to determine whether Simmons’s role has really expanded, or his Is the role in week 9 more like an aberration?

Logan Wilson (LB-CIN)
Wilson’s role in the past four games has continued to expand and has left a deep impression. He is better in real life than in fantasy, but he shows the advantages of IDP. In three consecutive games, he has a support to lose, and in other games also scattered sacks and interceptions. Wilson only completed one solo, one assist, one sack, one loss and one QB hit in the 9th week. This was a duel against the Titans. His limited slaps reduced his ascent, but for the past four weeks, he has been hovering around 50%. This may not be enough to give him a starting level against the Steelers’ offense, and only make the 17th fantasy score point to the guard position. Wilson deserves the nose in the deeper league, but keeps him on the bench in neutral and negative matchups.

Chuck Clark (S-BAL)
Chuck Clark is made for those who have the guts to start the game in Week 9 but may be disappointing in Week 10. His fantasy work was rewarded with a failed touchdown last week because Clark only won 3 solo (third consecutive victories). In the game, he ends with three solo or less). Clark released 3 solo in Week 9, one through defense, one turnover recovery and one touchdown. He has shown a preference for loose balls, but it is more unwise to rely on turnovers than to suggest interceptions. The Patriots represented a showdown, but Clark’s voice in Week 10 was too low to trust him. If you are in a pinch, please consider one of the safety measures listed above.

Terrell Edmonds (S-PIT)
At this point in his career, the name of Terell Edmunds is still more important than the game, but the elusive consistency has not yet been found. Edmunds’s performance in Week 9 was very solid. He had 3 solos and 2 assists, but compared to a matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, his performance was disappointing relative to expectations. Edmunds has recorded more than three single tackles in only three of eight games, and is not stable enough to trust a pass like Kamren Curl. As he did in the first, second and fourth weeks, he will shine from time to time, but as proved last week, it is a gamble to pinpoint exactly what happened in those weeks.

Arik Armstead (DE – SF)
Since the 49ers lost Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas, Armstead has been disappointed. For DL66 this season, Amstead reached double-digit sacks in 2019, but only added 3 sacks in 2020. He is likely to retire in many leagues, but is still at the top of enough leagues to make it into this column. Despite the offense against the New Orleans Saints, Armstead should remain on the bench, who put the 13th most desired score on the defensive end. He is too talented to participate in the deepest and most competitive league, but if you hide him, let him hide like that.

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