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“I worked with Meghan Markle on a top secret project-then I received a letter from the Queen”

After a busy day at work, Karen Gibson was sitting in the bus on the way home, and she received a call from a “very fashionable voice”.

She didn’t know this call, it was a complete surprise and would change her life forever.

The voice at the other end belongs to the people who worked for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry-they invited Karen and her choir The Kingdom Choir to perform at the royal wedding.

The 2018 Windsor Celebration turned extraordinary singers into overnight celebrities, bringing them record records, touring performances, commercial performances and prime-time TV shows.

And now, Karen, Queen of London, has received the MBE Medal for her service to music.

Karen admitted in an interview with Mirror Online that when the manager told her about the honor, she was completely taken aback.

When Karen sang at Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding, life changed completely

She said: “This is a great honor. It means a lot.”

“It’s great to be praised for the work I have done over the years, but I don’t think no one is looking for it.

“There are another thousand more valuable people.

“This is really surprising and shocking.

The Kingdom Choir at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

They must guard everything

“It’s cute. I’m still dealing with it and its meaning.

“When people know that you have received these three small letters, they think about you differently, which brings people expectations.”

Although Covid’s restrictions prevented her from performing the celebration she wanted, she still managed to gather more than 70 people to commemorate the achievement virtually

On the day of the announcement, she hosted a Zoom party and invited everyone who was helpful to her throughout the process-back to her early music teacher.

Karen and Prince Charles at the Buckingham Palace garden party

She said: “I did not come here alone. There have been many people who have offered advice and help to me all the time.

“There are tears and laughter, so cute.”

Karen is also a frequent visitor of Scala radio and “Songs of Praise”. He has loved music all his life and started singing at school on Sunday when he was five years old.

Since then, she has been trained in classical music in the church, and loves gospel music, and can play piano and oboe.

The Kingdom Choir, singing at the wedding of Harry and Meghan
The Kingdom Choir who sang at Harry and Meghan’s wedding

“My mother’s idea is to let us take music lessons so that we don’t get into trouble. She wants us to be straightforward.

“I drank water like a duck. I can’t wait to stand up and perform. I have hardly been nervous.”

But Karen has worked in the IT department for 11 years and has always made music a side project, but after the company’s reorganization, she couldn’t help but make her passion the focus of her full time.

In just three weeks, she obtained a teaching position in the school and began to establish and operate a gospel choir workshop.

During the conference, she traveled around the world and spent time in Italy, France, Poland and Denmark.

Since shooting her reputation at the wedding, Karen has starred as a celebrity master

But in March 2018, Karen received a call from a former choir member who sang with her 12 years ago.

She said: “One day she called suddenly and said I wanted to make a call, but she couldn’t tell me what was going on, but she said it was important.

“I haven’t received this call for a long time, so I logged it out.

“But then I went home from get off work and took the bus home. I received a call from a very humble voice saying that they wanted to invite us to sing at the wedding.

“I thought it was a joke, so I asked if they were joking. On the other end, they remained silent, and I realized they were serious.

The choir also performed at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Sydney Invictus game

“At that time, we didn’t do many large-scale events. We were used to rehearsing in my font room every other Monday.”

But Karen is not allowed to tell anyone about the performance, not even the choir members.

As a result, she had to call to ask everyone if they were available, but she didn’t really say why it’s important to be available on May 19th.

Meghan and Harry have chosen this song-Stand By Me-so the band got together and started putting their version together.

After contacting the couple’s wedding planner, the choir began to piece together their beautiful songs, but it proved difficult to find something that everyone liked.

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Karen said: “I have never done anything like that before. It is very challenging because we don’t understand what they are talking about.

“They want to reduce the tempo, but I am a gospel girl-everything is filmed. We basically got it wrong all the time.”

In an effort to solve this problem, the choir was invited to see Megan and Harry at Kensington Palace.

“It’s really exciting. I feel like I have walked into one of the magazines.

“We had a little chinwag, tea and biscuits.

Title: “I worked with Meghan Markle on a top secret project-and I received a letter from the Queen”

“They said they wanted this, that, so I basically said let’s try it.

“What we put together was terrible, but when they heard Paul’s voice, something in the room changed. They were like,’This is what we want.'”

The choir left and sent a few other songs, but they were still inappropriate for Meghan and Harry.

“When we went to the wedding, they had not heard the final version. It was the first time they heard it that day.

Title: “I worked with Meghan Markle on a top secret project-and I received a letter from the Queen”

“For me, this is really stressful. I’m like we are going to get this right?”

But their final version was perfect, and the couple was happy with their performance and sent Karen a thoughtful thank you note.

Karen recalled the wedding day, he said: “It’s like a fairy tale, walking through all our costume castles.

“Sitting behind the church, seeing all the celebrities and the royal family, hearing all the buzz.

When Meghan entered the church, she looked like a princess. This is a beautiful day. “

After the wedding, Karen and the chorus got chances again and again.

They signed a record contract, sang in “Strict Dance”, toured and recorded many commercials, including Coca-Cola.

“We never expected such a reaction. Our new website crashed twice. I hid in the house for about two days because I didn’t want to go this way or be recognized.

“There are many things to deal with.

“We did some crazy things. Things happened one after another.

“We often look at each other and think,’What are we doing here?’ I can’t believe it.

“Now that period has passed. It’s almost like a dream. All this is still a very surreal memory.”

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