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I use my $ 120 Amazon 10 "Fire HD Tablet for 5 months and love it / Boing Boing

I use my Amazon Fire HD 1

0 every day. At $ 120, it's the bargain tablet I wanted.

My bright red Amazon Fire HD 10 "tablet is incredibly useful, I've saved $ 100 for features I did not want to use compared to Apple, I bought this tablet as soon as it was announced, and it's pretty

Tablets were not central to my computing experience – I feel like Kludges is a part of the world for work – I do not use them as an implement, but as an entertainment device, I thought a tablet might be awesome. They are awesome.

I tried an earlier Amazon tablet when I wanted to see the world of Android I quickly hunted the tablet and really enjoyed it Without the world of Apple Connectedness, I could use the tablet as a leisure device I could avoid work and business communications! After a while, Gmail and Slack found their way to the tablet, and I tried using the FireHD on WordPress too Most of the time, what I found for these tablets was the entertainment. When this 10 "tablet became available with a faster CPU and high-resolution screen, I knew I wanted it, and I knew I did not want to jailbreak it, and Amazon OS offers me a few things that I really like.

Amazon's Android OS variant is designed to integrate your prime libraries of video and e-books directly into your tablet top. Video is so easy to reach, be it Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu or Plex replaces the 4 channels I grew up with (ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS) and Youtube (the Late Night Local Station) are all we got. I have the same access to video content on the FireHD as on I pay for these services and the Internet, I do not get cable, satellite or OTA TV here I live in the sticks.

It's easy to download content to the device via Amazon, Netflix and Plex Videos and music on airplane rides n Camping trips and live Aboard dive boats without having to worry about connectivity. It just fits all the Bluetooth devices I've tried. The SD card slot offers plenty of room and seamlessly integrates the storage space as soon as You insert a card.

Yes, Amazon also casts something on you … you can ignore it. As far as I can remember, all ads are screen friendly, unless you go to the Amazon Shopping Apps. You can pay to remove ads, but I do not care. I do not look at a screensaver and occasional advertising for a kitchen appliance or a romance novel does not bother me. I like kitchen utensils and covers of romance novels.

I read books on this tablet, but only if I've decided to leave my Kindle at home! I find the display on my Kindle Voyage much better for long reading periods. However, games are good, there's a lot of CPU for every tablet game I downloaded. There are also some Amazon Twitch Prime perks that come through and give me access to freebies and powerups that I do not really understand, but this device is also heavily integrated with the Amazon Prime business.

The Google App Store is easy to use In addition, I've given some instructions here before, but I'm not sure they're up-to-date with the current operating system. Amazon did not do anything about several updates to disable this functionality. After adding the Google apps, I use Firefox as my browser and Gmail as my email client. Everything I possibly want to run, except Fortnite, is available. My 11th daughter uses her Amazon tablet for everything but playing Fortnite, and does not like a computer with a keyboard, fwiw.

This is an entertainment device. It's great that it's separate from my work environment. If someone calls me, my Teevee show will not be interrupted. I do not have any news on the screen while I look at a recipe in the kitchen or watch a twitch stream.

Fire HD 10 tablet with Alexa handsfree, 10.1 "1080p Full HD display, 32 GB, black – with special offers on Amazon

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