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I tried to play “A Boring Story”, but I fell into the “Mario Party”

So let’s talk about Mario party instead.

Yes, Mario party. I hear you groan from here. I’m not a big fan, but when someone says “Hey, let’s spend an hour playing this incredibly capricious board game,” I have no objection. I just choose one of my roles (usually a princess, this may be a few times I choose a public avatar of a girl), and let it go.Because after all, the point is not important Mario party. Finally died? Here, there is a star!

I may not have played Mario party Won the championship for nearly a decade, skipping the Wii U installment altogether-but compared to 201

8, it hasn’t really changed Super Mario Party Used for switches. Or at least not conceptually. A lot of turmoil has been added, and now it must be a better-looking game. But the core of “This is a bunch of strange mini-games, maybe if you are lucky to roll the dice, you will get a star” is still there. When I played (safely) with my friends and checked out soon, I was a little drunk, “I will deliberately land in a place with bad luck.” I dropped a bunch of coins and I didn’t care. I am just attending a wedding reception.

The game we play is a hybrid of both familiar and new games-in one game, I had to work with another player to draw shapes with a string of ropes on the string, and in another game, I had Control a pod where other players shoot darts. But the last game was the best, and I very much hope that it is a complete game: Slapalaz.

In this mini-game, all players are in a circle surrounded by small stools, and Koopas will randomly climb up to take pictures. Your goal is to be the subject of these pictures, by leading and centering as much as possible, and beating other players in the process. The game will show you every photo taken and rate you in a frame.

These photos are very interesting.They never it is good According to conventional standards, characters are blocked or blurred or fall into an awkward angle. But it is those awkward angles, where the player is caught half a beat or slapped, that makes the whole thing pleasant. Reality shows and tabloids are really rubbish. It turns out that I am very, very good at getting people out of the trouble of preparing for cameras. This is the only mini game that my friends and I have been playing.

Mario Party Switch


I have always liked the photography mode in the game Spiderman with Final Fantasy XV, So of course I like Slaparazzi.As you can imagine, restart Pokémon Because Switch is not fast enough for me.

Of course, this is the year I learned to wait.I can wait for a new one Capturewith Unnamed story In order to stand out from Alpha and Beta to complete more suitable mini games Super Mario Party,for Cyberpunk 2077 Solve its problem and let spring come again Protect the animals Catch the fish I missed. Earlier this week, I wrote a story about casual gamers in 2020, these two championship titles- Unnamed story with Super Mario Party -Show me not only casual games, but also me.

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