December 2020 British fashion Not only owns one, but also three covers of Beyoncé. The international superstar is celebrating the unveiling of her latest Ivy Park series, so it only makes sense to document her world dominance in one of the world’s leading fashion magazines. Although the fans of the full-name singer are happy to see her cover gesture, they are not happy to see Beyoncé planning to slow down the pace of music to focus on other areas of her life.

The singer talked about how her life situation will change in 2020. “Beyonce said: “To experience life in an epidemic, the current social turmoil will be difficult to change. “I learned that my voice was clearer when I was still.”

; This time I cherish being with my family very much. My new goal is to slow down and get rid of the stress in life. I entered the music industry at the age of 15, and grew up with the world’s attention, and I have been working on projects without interruption. “

“I publish Lemonade During the formation world tour, performed in Coachella (Coachella), gave birth to twins, Homecoming, Had another world tour with Jay, and then Black is king, All back to back,” she continued. “It’s too heavy. I spent a lot of time focusing on building my heritage and representing my culture in the best way I know. Now I decided to allow myself to focus on my happiness. “Please check the cover below.