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I am an iPhone user, but I am very jealous of the upcoming Pixel feature-BGR

  • Google has just obtained a design patent that indicates that future Pixel phones may have designs that are not visible on iPhone or Galaxy S phones.
  • Google may be like many other companies in the industry, dedicated to the camera technology under the display. For iPhone users who are waiting for Apple to provide a similar design, this will be an exciting prospect.
  • What sets Google apart is the computational photography algorithm, which makes the Pixel one of the best camera phones on the market.

I often explain why I am unlikely to switch from iPhone to Android. I’m too stubborn about Apple’s ecosystem, everything is “normal”

;. Yes, you can hit h everywhere, but the iPhone-Mac combination is unparalleled. It’s not just Apple hardware. This is the hardware and Apple software of these products, and the way they interweave. Not to mention all the advanced apps for iPhone and/or Mac that I had to discard. If there are other elements, please add other elements, such as Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad and Apple TV, and migration to Android is more difficult.

Taking all these factors into consideration, without any pressure from Google and Microsoft, iPhone, iOS, Mac and macOS will not be able to develop and remain competitive. Better Android and Windows hardware, as well as more refined and reliable Android and Windows 10, will have to get a better Apple experience. This is why I totally like Pixel innovation and hope that Google can find a way to make it implemented on Pixel 6 or 7.

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Google’s Pixel has never become the iPhone version of the Android ecosystem. In most cases, Google is a follower, they look for inspiration from Cupertino. The iPhone’s design and features have been revised year after year, even if Google would criticize them first. The removal of the headphone jack and the multi-lens rear camera are some examples. Sadly, the result is not as good as the iPhone. Google has encountered hardware or software issues with each generation of Pixel or both. Some can be repaired. Some lead to class action settlements.

The Pixel 5 is disappointing. Many people praise the affordable price tag and high-end features, but the Pixel 5 is not the kind of phone that it could have done. It is not a flagship and can put any real pressure on Apple.

This will bring us the following image of the future pixel of Christmas. They come from a design patent that Google filed with the USPTO in mid-March 2019. The agency just granted the patent to the Pixel manufacturer in early December.

Pixel design
From the patent: Figure 1 is a top view, front view and right side view of the electronic device, showing our new design. Image source: Google via USPTO

The image shows a device that looks a lot like the current Pixel 5. It has a full-screen display, a better screen design choice than the poor Pixel 4. On the back, we have a dual-lens camera system, but not the rear panel that interests me.

There is no hole punch camera on the screen. This is Google’s design for Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a this year. This seems to imply that Google is already developing under-screen selfie camera technology. The design does show the location of the top speakers and buttons, so it should definitely have a punch-hole camera.

Considering that all the major players in the business are developing, smartphone fans will say: “No surprise.” In fact, ZTE is the first mobile phone supplier to launch a device with an under-screen camera. It is not widely used, nor is it a flagship, but it is the first in the world.

Pixel design
From the patent: Figure 4 is its rear view. Image source: Google via USPTO

The problem with the camera under the display is the quality of the selfie photos and videos. Smartphone manufacturers must find a way to allow enough light to propagate to the sensor through the display covering the camera. They need algorithms that can compensate for problems and ensure that the selfie experience is not substandard. After all, selfies are still the same thing.

You must now realize why the Pixel patent is so exciting. If Google wants to release a Pixel phone with a camera below the screen, then Google is also developing its own algorithm for this technology. And Google knows how to make computational photography work. Pixel phones may have various problems, but Google has turned them into amazing cameras that can rival and surpass other Android and iPhones. The night vision mode was jaw-dropping and forced everyone else to come up with answers.

Google can use the camera algorithm under the display to do the same thing and force everyone to adapt quickly. Not all companies, including Apple and Samsung, are considering using the same technology. However, only ZTE phones and the Xiaomi and Oppo concepts with this technology are one thing. Google’s launch of the Pixel 6 or 7 with an under-screen camera is another matter.

Pixel design
From the patent: Figure 3 is its front view. Image source: Google via USPTO

In other words, we cannot guarantee that Google will actually be more successful than its competitors, nor that Google will launch a Pixel phone with a perfect full-screen design this year. Nevertheless, the fact that it applied for a patent last year shows that it is working on this technology.

Apple is expected to maintain the status of the iPhone for at least one year. Putting the camera under the screen is one thing. Using Face ID to perform the same operation is another matter. But Apple definitely hopes to provide buyers with the same perfect full-screen iPhone. Over the years, we have seen many Apple patents and rumors to support this.

Chris Smith started writing articles about gadgets as a hobby. Before that, he was sharing his views on technology products with readers around the world. Whenever he does not write about gadgets, despite his desperate attempts, he unfortunately cannot stay away from them. But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

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