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Hurry up: The 2022 class at Ohio State University continues to be the center of the recruitment world, and Domani Jackson’s father discusses the recruitment of five-star cornerbacks

Hurry up is the latest information you get from the Ohio State University football recruitment route every night, and pay close attention to the latest information on submissions and goals from all over the country.

Ewers, Burton, Jackson once again put OSU at the center of the recruitment world

We obviously have to wait for what happens here, but in the past 48-72 hours, one of the strangest stories that have happened in the recruitment world is the situation at Ohio State University in Class 2022. That was after the class of 2021 became the center of the recruitment world throughout the weekend, when Ohio State University’s actual football team was the center of college football.


An important reason for the 2022 class to take center stage is due to the retirement of five-star quarterback Quinn Ewers and the strong feeling that Ohio State University is the country’s second-largest overall player and four-point professional style. Wei̵

7;s first favorite is in the cycle.

Ohio State University already has CJ Stroud and Jack Miller to lock in the quarterback position, and the five-star Kyle McCord is leading the competition in 2021. But when asked about the importance of recruiting elite quarterbacks in each class, Day said on Thursday: “This is the beginning. At Ohio State University, if you want to be a quarterback, you are the New York Yankees. The team’s shortstop.”

Perhaps, by then, Ewers will soon become the Derek Jeter version of Buckeyes.

Ewers said that the decision to be made may soon be decided. A moment after he retired, the six crystal ball predictions flew to where the horse chestnut would land. The reason why Ewers told Steve Wiltfong of 247Sports to stand out from the crowd seems to be exactly the same as what the horse chestnut provides:

“It’s just their success and ability to participate in the college football playoffs every year,” Ewers said in his outstanding performances in the past.

“When I talk to coaches or go to college, the main things I look for are the development of quarterbacks in the past, and who has been as successful as the past few years? I have known these guys for a while. I am in eighth grade (a family People have a cabin in the Columbus area), that’s a gift they gave me, and I have maintained a good relationship ever since. It’s fun to chat with those guys. The coach (Corey) Dennis is fun. He is younger and easier Talking to Coach (Ryan) Day, these guys are really great.

Another reason for the group’s development trend in 2022 is because “Crystal Ball” predicts that Ohio State University will receive a five-star Caleb Burton. He is a compatriot from Texas and has talked about working on the next team with Ewers in the past. Cooperation.

Jackson’s father discusses his son’s enlistment

One of the reasons why Buckeyes’ next commitment group can be successful in the game is that he is a five-star cornerback Domani Jackson, who is ranked third in the United States. , Is also the number one cornerback. The three-person crystal ball flew to Ohio State University and landed from Power University President Mater Dei (California) High School.

After these predictions reached the press, I spoke with Jackson’s father Randy Jackson on Wednesday night. When asked why Ohio State University was chosen as the final destination, Elder Jackson said that these predictions may have been made by Domany and his family during a virtual visit with Buckeye last week.

Randy Jackson said: “Ohio State University provided news of the audience under Ryan Day.” “Coach (Kerry) Coombs is actually the one who leads it, (Mickey Marotti) There. Some of them are talking about scholars.”

Domani previously called virtual visits an “eye-opener” for him, and it helped strengthen many of the services that Ohio State University must provide. However, Randy said that a virtual visit does not necessarily mean that a promise is coming. The phrase on the day was “due diligence”.

However, since only virtual visits are required, this makes it more difficult to fully understand the school and curriculum.

Jackson said: “I won’t say it’s almost over.” Like I said, he must go through the whole process. …When I say I want to complete the process and conduct due diligence, one thing I don’t like is when I see someone submit and then return. When someone makes a promise, I think they should make a 100% promise. You should have done your due diligence and then you don’t have to retire.

“I see a lot of kids in college, and once they get there, they think,’Oh, I don’t like it here.’ Then, you are retiring. I just want him to make sure everything is right-between you and the coach The relationship is very good. You have actually been there and you can see that you actually go to school there. I don’t think the virtual tour will give you that feeling.”

Therefore, Randy hopes that Domani and his family will visit Columbus sometime in the next few months. A visit to Michigan, Wisconsin, is planned for the Wolverines on November 14 (because any recruits who come to Ohio have participated, of course, they will not be able to enter the facility).

Randy said that so far, there are no other visit plans. Although Ohio State University staff encourages them to try visits when they have the opportunity, there are no plans. But he did say that if something happens and they have a chance to visit Columbus, then they are “very likely to go.”

When Randy previously said that Ohio State put “full-time news” on Domani, it went back to what we talked about in the previous “Quick Walk In” Second thing. In terms of recruitment, Ohio State University is one of the most aggressive programs in the United States. When it determines the players it loves, it will go all out.

The brigade includes Al Washington, led by Day and Coombs, and the Jackson family has indeed known them since the communication with the Buckeyes’ new defense coordinator began in early September.

“He has been communicating. He is very transparent.” Randy said. “I think he is a very passionate coach. He is very eager to get the type of player he wants.”

Jackson’s parents were both natives of Ohio, born and raised in Youngstown, and moved to Southern California before Randy joined the Marines. Eventually, he moved to Penn State University, where Domani started his football career, then lived in Hawaii for four years, and then returned to SoCal (you can say they returned to Calikali), where they now live.

The ties between the Jacksons and Ohio are still very strong, because most of the families on the side of Dormani’s mom and dad still live in Buckeye State. This played a big role in his recruitment.

The importance of peer recruitment

It can be said that the biggest factor for Buckeye’s sudden vacillation on the recruitment road is the work of CJ Hicks and Dasan McCullough, which promised to be at the forefront of recruitment at the same level in 2022.

On Thursday, someone asked Day how important peer recruitment is when building classes. The essence of his message is what we have been talking about for a long time-many times, it is even more critical than coach recruitment, and it has become more and more important. The more important. It is more important during the stagnation period.

“It’s huge, and I think that because of the arrival of 2020, Zooms and FaceTimes, Microsoft Teams, Skype, there are too many ways to communicate now, and they are bigger than ever before,” Day said. “The group activities that happen are really powerful, which is why when you recruit people in your class, you want to bring in leaders, people with character so that they can bring these types of people there because they spend more There is more time in recruits than us. I think that’s really important.

“I think Mark Pantoni and his staff have done a good job in this regard. This time, even if there is not much time to recruit talent, this is the price Mark paid. That is his job. He is in I’m very proud of this approach. Even if we didn’t communicate face to face with people during this period, we still kept in touch with the recruits. This is a tribute to all employees (Mark’s employees). Therefore, We must hold on tight and hold on.”

Pryor gets a national jersey

As for the news of 2021, the four-star North Carolina star Evan Pryor (Evan Pryor) is the latest promise from the Ohio government that he will receive his All-American Bowl jersey in the form of a virtual demonstration on Wednesday night. .

Pryor said in his speech (“Starting at 7:44), it is really important for me to participate in this game.” “I want to thank my coach, family and friends for helping me to achieve this goal.”

Pryor is one of the fastest guards in the 2021 season, combining his home run ability with the ability to swallow yards between tackles.

“There may be a couple who have more yards and are more productive than Evan Pryor. 247Sports analyst Barton Simmons said in his analysis: “I don’t think there are many Movies can be made better. “Open it, he showed great explosive power.” He is fast. He is a 10.8 meter 100 meter guy, which has been verified. He can play in space and can pass the ball out of the backcourt very effectively, but he is also compact and strong. I think he is capable of running between tackles and being a home run guard, able to withstand heavy workloads, and playing in space to be a good home run player. I think no matter what you are looking for, Evan Pryor can provide it. ”

Header photo: Domani Jackson – Gerard Martinez / 247Sports

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