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Hunter Biden now denies that he gave up the laptop

Hunter Biden is now trying to deny that he threw his infamous laptop to a Delaware Mac repair shop in 2019.

“In Delaware, did you lose your laptop for repair?” On Sunday, in a softball interview with CBS, someone asked him that the media group of the Democratic League paid him for what he is currently promoting. Remuneration for memoirs.

“No. I don’t remember at all. Not at all.”

At least he admits that the laptop “definitely” belongs to him.

His concessions exposed the distortions of Twitter and Facebook, which reviewed the New York Post’s report on the laptop file in October last year, which showed that Joe Biden was involved in the influence of his family. Touting activities.

Let us never forget that Big Tech and most of the media conspired to suppress a story that had a serious impact on its preferred candidate less than three weeks before the 2020 presidential election.


7;s always Hunter’s laptop, they know.

We have receipts showing that he put down his MacBook at the Wilmington repair shop on April 12, 2019. There is his unique signature on the maintenance record sheet, which bears the signature of his driver’s license and other documents. His personal cell phone number is on the case file.

The shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac testified that he recorded three water-damaged laptops brought by the hunter that night for repairs. When Hunter returned to retrieve two of them, he contacted him again. He meets and tries to contact him and ask him to collect the remaining equipment and pay the bill.

Most importantly, we have the absolute content of the laptop, which is the hard drive that Mac Isaac handed over to the FBI in December 2019. Eight months later, he gave the copy to Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Hunter said in an interview with CBS: “I don’t remember.”

This is a convenient excuse for a long time addict. However, in his memoir “The Beautiful Things”, he can retell the vivid details of his drug use, from his first glass of champagne when he was 8 years old to his Chateau Marmont at $830 per night in Los Angeles. Marmont), a crooked mouth wine that lasts for several months. Eventually he was included in the hotel blacklist in 2019 due to excessive drug use.

Hunter spent a lot of books telling you that he is a good person. However, omission is more enlightening than self-holography.

Somewhere in Arkansas, there was a 2-year-old girl who refused to admit that she was his daughter even after the paternity test.

“Biden Hunter is… the father of three daughters [and a] Son,” the jacket on his book declared, coldly erasing the fourth of his five children. She might one day read these words and cut to the core.

Hunter said he did not remember the child’s mother, 28-year-old Lunden Roberts, the stripper he met in a dirty club, where he spent thousands of dollars overnight.

He wrote: “I have never recalled our experience.”

Unfortunately for him, the laptop tells a different story.

Hunter knows Roberts very well and added her to his phone contacts on June 4, 2017.

He knew her very well. Three months later, he sneaked her to the SAR office through the back door in the middle of the night, so that the construction manager wrote to him asking him to check him through the front door security staff after get off work.

Hunter took up the umbrella and fired a 1,700-word hyphenation to Cecilia Brownings, the company’s general manager.

He described Roberts as “my youngest daughter’s basketball coach” in an email on September 21, 2017. When they played together in the entertainment league, she worked out with Maisy and Sasha Obama. Hunter even attached Roberts’ “partial resume”, which includes basketball statistics since high school.

He wrote: “London ranked first in the class in the final semester of the National CSIS Masters Program at George Washington University.”

Therefore, his relationship with Roberts was not a brief encounter. She had a secret relationship with him for at least five months before she became pregnant with a child in November 2017. At that time, he was dating his brother’s widow, Hallie, in a seaside house in Maryland in August.

The significance of all this is that, like many Biden family myths, this book is a very unreliable memoir, especially when it comes to financial misconduct, which can be seen from the receipt on Hunter’s laptop. .

Between the differences:

  1. Hunt did not mention this time, in October 2018, when Halle threw the gun into a trash can outside a store in Greenville, Delaware, but he did admit to long-term drug use in the past few years . In other words, when he bought a gun two weeks ago, when he answered “No” to a question about previous drug use, he lied on the “Firearms Transaction Record”. In fact, the infamous “crack tube” photo on the laptop shows Hunter falling asleep eight days ago with a glass tube in his mouth.
  2. he thinks”[Donald] “Trump’s conspiracy delusion” is his claim that he “out of China with 1.5 billion US dollars”. After he flew to Beijing on a World War II plane with his father in 2013, he claimed that he and his Chinese partners formed private equity The fund raised only US$4.2 million, and his 10% stake was worth US$420,000. The documents on the laptop stated otherwise. According to the White House, the BHR Partners fund managed US$2.5 billion in assets in 2019, but until He still held 10% of his shares in February.

The reason why it is so important is because Hunter’s father is the president, and there is evidence (not all reports) that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business when he became the vice president.

An email in 2017 described how Hunter held 10% of the “big guy” earnings in a lucrative Chinese deal. Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski (Tony Bobulinski) testified that the “big man” was Joe Biden.

The laptop provided him with support, and there were many other emails in which Joe was called the “big man” or in some cases the “big man”.

Hunter described his relief when his father won the 2020 election in his book. Trump’s victory, “seems to threaten my personal freedom. If Dad doesn’t win, I believe Trump will continue to hunt me down in the criminal way he used.”

Now Hunter says he is “100% sure” that the Department of Justice investigation into his financial situation will clear him of any wrongdoing. lucky person.

Release the Congressional Riot Jockey!

Reserving his mind for Richard Barnett, a window installer in Arkansas, who was still in a federal prison in Washington, D.C., nearly three months after the congressional riots.

After getting Nancy Pelosi into her open-plan office and placing her feet on the desk of one of her assistants to annoy him, he became the number one public enemy. The picture went viral.

On Monday, his lawyer will file a new motion asking him to be released on bail to avoid being tried at home, as will anyone who poses no threat to the community. Barnett is a 60-year-old Trump supporter. He is in good health, has no criminal record, and poses no threat to anyone.

Joseph McBride, Barnett’s chief attorney, pointed out that there are many cases that show “obvious patterns of violent protesters being allowed to be released before trial, such as Elizabeth Duke, who She bombed the U.S. Capitol in 1983 and was released on bail in 1985, but her case was dismissed under then-President Obama in 2009.”

Richard Barnet walked into Nancy Pelosi, stepped into her open-plan office and stepped his foot on the desk of one of the assistants, making him The first public enemy.
Richard Barnet walked into Nancy Pelosi, walked into her open-plan office and stepped his foot on the desk of one of the assistants, making him unhappy
Super agent

“We have also provided more recent cases involving the bombing of police stations/police vehicles by protesters in 2020, as well as a series of cases in the Capitol on January 6…. Places granted pre-trial release under the Bail Reform Act … .”

Barnett’s prolonged pre-trial detention was an offense to the presumption of innocence, which “at the expense of our right to be protected by the Constitution.” . . In order to counter the strong presumption of pre-trial detention in the Bail Reform Act, the government made false statements about the facts and criminalized completely legal behavior. ”

The Biden administration’s law enforcement agencies tracked everyone who entered the Capitol on January 6 and locked down their enthusiasm, starting to appear helpless.

Michael Sherwin, the federal prosecutor in charge of the Department of Justice’s investigation into the Capitol riots, even happily referred to the “60 minutes” arrest of CBS as a “shock and awe” mission. He seems to enjoy himself more than a person in his rightful place.

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