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Hundreds gathered in England and Wales for police legislation


“They said, keep going”: The migrants escorted back to Mexico without any explanation

In the chaos at the southern border, agents escorted immigrants and deported them from the United States. Only then did they learn what had happened. Joel Duarte Mendez, 25, and his son Heck Hector traveled from Honduras to the United States for 1

2 days and arrived in Reynosa, Texas. They flew from the Rio Grande Valley to El Paso, and then driven by bus to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico . Photo: Jorge Salgado/The Guardian When the guards told them: “Go ahead”, they couldn’t figure out where they were or where they were going. They walked across an unfamiliar bridge as instructed and then suddenly in Mexico. Or, to be more precise, go back to Mexico. But it was only 800 miles from where they arrived in the United States. In the chaos on the southern border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents escorted immigrants across the bridge connecting downtown El Paso, Texas with the neighboring city of Juarez in Mexico, and deported them from the United States without even knowing it. what is this. occur. A young mother happened to be sitting directly on the sidewalk on the Mexican side of the international bridge connecting the two cities, breastfeeding her breast-fed child in the cold weather in late March. This child, not more than 18 months old, was wearing a pink sweater, wrapped in a blanket, eating for the first time, and then sleeping in his arms, unaware of the moment when her confused mother let the tears roll down. Although the mother did not have her own coat, once, the woman covered the little girl’s hand with socks to prevent her from crying in the cold wind. On March 10, 2021, a group of immigrants was quickly deported from the United States under Trump’s question 42 in Mexico on the North Soso International Bridge between El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Wait on one side. Photo: Paul Ratje/AFP/Getty Images In Juarez, the scene is so familiar, there are dozens of immigrants who pass the Trump administration’s health agreement (titled Title 42) unceremoniously. The United States deports the country, where immigrants can be deported to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Spain. we. Some undocumented people who have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border are allowed to enter the U.S. to begin the asylum process, mainly unaccompanied minors, and-theoretically, parents with young children. However, most adult immigrants and families currently arrested in the United States have been deported, although they were not usually deported before the confusing and tortuous journey by the U.S. authorities. Joel Duarte Mendez, 25, originally set out from Honduras. Reynosa is located at the eastern end of the Texas-Mexico border, 754 miles from the westernmost cities of Juárez and El Paso. After crossing from Reynosa to Texas, Mendez and his two-year-old son Hector were briefly detained. He pointed to the international bridge connecting El Paso and Ciudad Juarez and said: “Then they took us on the plane, and from there they put us on the bus, and then they threw us here.” I said “This is my chance.” Well, it’s not the American border guards getting out of the car and lining up to take them across the bridge, and then “they tell us to’keep going,'” Mendes said. He held Hector tightly. The boy in the jacket was obviously a good fit for his father, who was enduring the cold T-shirt. Mendes said: “I will come with my son to give him a better life.” He said that their trip from Honduras to the border lasted 12 days. He owns a coffee farm and a house in Honduras, but both were destroyed when the hurricane hit the country in November last year. It is believed that the climate crisis is triggering stronger hurricanes, and Mendes and Hector have actually become climate refugees. He said that he used the remaining money to pay for the trip. “We think they are allowing people under 5 with children to enter [the US], So I said, “This is my chance.” Well, that’s not the case,” he told the Guardian in frustration. During an interview near the Paso del Norte International Bridge, the family was in the processing center in Ciudad Juárez Wait. Photo: Jorge Salgado/Guardian Headline 42 is the last important element of Donald Trump’s anti-immigration agenda, almost closing the U.S.-Mexico border to people undocumented in the pandemic. Joe Biden’s government cancelled Trump’s so-called “reserve in Mexico” policy, in which immigrants were forced to wait in Mexico’s often dangerous border towns, while their demands for asylum in violent countries It sometimes takes several years to get processed in the United States. But for those who have not yet filed legal proceedings in the United States, Biden is still in vogue, so continue to use title 42. Now, many cross-border personnel have not even been officially processed into The facilities of the Border Patrol or the Department of Health and Human Services were not handed over to family members in the states to wait for appointments with immigration courts. They were only deported to Mexico. Mendes and breastfeeding mothers are one of about three dozen immigrants. They are almost all parents with young children. The Guardian recently saw these immigrants being deported from the U.S. In Juarez, the Mexican authorities detained them in a quarantine area near the bridge and did not allow reporters to interview them. But tears were visible, and many eyes were lost. The last mother in the line had a little boy in her arms, and another child was walking in front of her. Both children were crying, and when she realized she was in Mexico, the tears began. Shedding. The group spent more than an hour in the quarantine area before it opened. Several families flooded the streets of Juarez and fought for themselves. Those in contact in the area asked for directions to the taxi, or Called to find someone to pick them up, but the others were just sitting on the street, unsure of the next move. A father, who asked not to be named, explained that since entering the United States briefly, they have never been told where they are or want to be. Where to go. “We were there in the detention center waiting for them to contact our family. [in the US] So they can get us or dispatch for us, but no, they lie to us. “He said. Another father said: “They were completely wrong to let us in with our children.” After being deported, four children were sitting on the streets of Ciudad Juárez. Photo: Jorge Salgado/The Guardian on why immigrants were transported from one end of the Texas border to another Reports on one end are contradictory, from reports about emergency shelters on both sides of the border, especially due to Covid-19 restrictions on those who have shut down many capabilities or reduced capabilities, adopting cruel tactics just to deter migrants with extra despair . Nearby, another family: three children crowded around their mother, father walking back and forth. He confirmed that they did not get any information from the agents who deported them. He said: “Imagine what we experienced when we arrived here from Honduras Everything: walking, hitchhiking, feeling hungry, suffering with our children. “They took our photos, our fingerprints, let us stay for three days, and then sent us here without signatures. “Mendez said he thinks things will be different during Biden’s administration. He has a brother in Charlotte, North Carolina. When Mendes called him with bad news, he was always looking forward to picking him up. He and Hector Mendes said: “He condemned my journey. “I told him that I had no choice. I didn’t want us to starve.” “Now he is trapped in Juárez, thousands of miles away from home, with no money to return. Nina Lakhani and Valerie Gonzalez contributed report

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