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How to watch the Packers vs. Buccaneers match: kick-off time, TV channel, live broadcast, NFC championship showdown

Welcome to the championship on Sunday! Our first matchup was two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, with Aaron Rogers and Green Bay Packers serving as hosts for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Of course, there are other stars on the court, from Davante Adams and Aaron Jones to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, From Jay Alexander and Za’Darius Smith to Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul. On offense and defense, there are even incredibly interesting duels, because the game also includes some of the best linemen in the league.

This should be a fun game, so let’s break it down.

How to watch

date: Sunday, January 24| time: 3:05pm EST
position: Lambeau Field (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
TV: Fox| flow: fuboTV (free trial)
follow: CBS Sports App

When the pirate gets the ball


7;s take a screenshot from last week’s Rams-Packers preview, which are relevant here:

The Green Bay team’s performance in the rapid defensive DVOA this season is quite stable, ranking 18th, but ranked 23rd in the adjustment line code, which shows that the Packers often lose battles in battle…

In the three losses this season, the Packers threw 158, 173 and 140 yards to opponents who threw an average of 4.5, 5.1 and 3.8 yards. The Colts made a comeback in the second half, entering the field goal and strengthening the defense. Tampa’s lead was a six-shot catch, and another interception went back to the 2-yard line, so only Minnesota really showed up and passed the ball from a jumper to Green Bay’s throat. But until the third quarter, the Vikings did not take the lead, and did not give up everything until Dalvin Cook made a 50-yard screen pass to the house.

If they simply put Leonard Funette and/or Aaron Jones down the throat of the Packers, can they jump out of the lead again this time? The Rams tried to do this with Cam Akers, but they fell behind because their defense allowed two touchdowns and field goals in the first three games of Green Bay’s game. . They can involve Akers in the rest of the process, but once you are two points behind, the entire offensive rhythm is gone.

Bucs tried to run early and often confronted the Saints last week, but it didn’t really work for them. Only when they switched to a pass-centered offense did they begin to put crooked numbers on the scoreboard, but even so, they need a lot of help from the defender to score within short distances.Tom Brady didn’t completely screw it up, shooting only 199 yards in 33 attempts

However, the defense capability of the Green Bay Pass is not as high as that of the Saints. The Packer makes it possible for Jay Alexander to cover up Mike Evans and the combination of Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, Rashan Gary and Kenny Clark, but compared to New Orleans, there are more places to use Green Bay’s Coverage. If Alexander covers up Evans, place Kevin King on the opposite side of Antonio Brown and Chanton Sullivan on the opposite side of Chris Godwin. These seem to be the most likely duel. Sullivan’s Godwin will be a powerful advantage for the pirates, while Rob Gnkowski and Cameron Brett will play against the pirates and they can play against their opponents. (If the packer uses its safety within the insurance coverage, the advantage is not obvious.)

However, to take full advantage of these advantages, this battle must be won. Tampa has one of the best passes to protect the offensive line in the NFL this season, largely avoiding Brady’s suddenness and allowing him to throw from a clean pocket. If they give him time to fight against the Packers Middle School, he will find a vacancy. However, if the Smiths and/or Gary start to force Brady to leave his position, and he has to spend time or reset his position after hands-on in his pocket, then this is the Packers’ advantage. Tampa can play to keep the pass unbalanced, but the Packers may get along well with Bucs who decide to run instead of throwing. Some people would think that they would rather be defeated by Fournette and Jones than Brady.

When the packers have balls

Just like this season, the Buccaneers completed the game with one of the best defenses in the NFL this season. According to the “Football Outsider” DVOA, Tampa ranks sixth in allowed yards, eighth in allowed points, and fifth in defensive efficiency. But like last year, the Bucs’ defensive success is based on their ability to stop running: in the past two seasons, they ranked first in running defense DVOA. For this reason, even if Alvin Kamara did relax on the ground several times last week, it seems unlikely that this is a game controlled by Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon.

Due to the focus on running, Bucs can be defeated. In fact, based on their agreement, they seem to encourage opposing offenses. According to statistics from Pro Football Focus and Tru Media, the Pirates used at least 7 defenders in 59% of their defensive points, which is 5% higher than the league average (54.2%). The same goes for them with an eight-man box: Tampa’s shooting percentage is 31.6%, while the league average is 25.5%.

The more defenders, the more the opponent has an advantage over running instead of running. This is correct for Bucs. According to Tru Media, the opponent’s efficiency in each game in Tampa’s eight-a-side game has reached their best EPA.

Well, does Bucs really want to play a defense to encourage the Packers to pass the ball to Aaron Rodgers instead of Jones, Williams and Dillon? I definitely won’t. But this has been Tampa’s philosophy for most of the past two years.They were able to succeed because they did an excellent job of closing the running competition with Put pressure on the opposing quarterback. This season, Bucs’ QB decline rate reached 36.3%, which greatly exceeded the league average of 30.7%.

Can they keep the pressure on the packers? Usually, easier said than done. Rogers is the second least stressed quarterback in the league this season, with only 23.8% of charge shots. It’s not that he got rid of the ball so quickly that he rushed there. His average throw time per PFF is 2.78 seconds, which happens to be the league average ball speed of 2.76 seconds. He just got incredible pass protection. Of course, the best pass protector in the team is tackle David Bakhtiari, who has entered the season after tearing the ACL. Without him last week, the Packers were basically performing well, but the power of the A. Rams passing was on the inside, not on the edge. B. Aaron Donald was injured, obviously not himself. This week, for Shaq Barrett, Jason Pierre-Paul and more, this may pose a greater challenge for forwards.

In the passing game, the Packers should also have a considerable matchup advantage. Davante Adams is almost undetectable, as he did with Jalen Ramsey last week. Bucs may or may not use Carlton Davis to cover him up, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Adams would defeat anyone in Tampa who stood in front of him. But Green Bay should also have an advantage in the middle position of Robert Tonyan (Bucs is ranked 25th in the DVOA game, and the free throw percentage is not high), Jones and Williams are not in the backcourt (only two The team allows more passes to guards). Rogers has so many options, the Packers should be able to move the ball.

Of course, the response to this is that when the Packers and Bucs played at the beginning of the season, these words were also correct, and Bucs thrived with a score of 38-10. However, it seems unlikely to repeat. The Packers actually took a 10-0 lead in that game. It seemed to falter a bit, but Rogers was uncharacteristically picked by Sean Murphy-Bunting for six points and then was picked in the next round. Jamel Dean picked six points. He will only throw three interceptions throughout the year. To be sure, he will take care of the ball and carve things up.

Latest odds:

Green Bay Packers-3.5

Prediction: Packer 27, Pirate 21

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