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How to turn on Ring’s new end-to-end encryption

Just ringing Added end-to-end encryptionn (E2EE) provides protection for its selected number of smart home cameras The video recorded by the Ring device has additional security.This still doesn̵

7;t make us Marvel at the Ring device, For all problem of platform have experiencedBut this is a function Worth knowing if you have Use one Ring doorbell Or camera.

Ring videos will be encrypted when uploaded to the ring cloud server, but this new feature can protect them With an additional AES 128-bit encryption layer, this layer can only be decrypted and viewed on mobile devices registered in Ring’s E2EE program. (You can read more about Ring’s E2EE policy below Recently published white papers on this feature)

E2EE can prevent outsiders from intercepting and watching videos when recording or sending to your device; even Ring cannot decrypt. However, Ring’s E2EE will also disable some features on the user side, including motion verification and the ability to watch the Ring camera feed in real time on Amazon Echo Show or Fire TV devices.The video you record will be more secure, but you will lose real-time viewing and cloud-based monitoring capabilities, which may It is as important as the extra encryption layer of E2EE.

If you are right Weigh the trade-offs, as long as you have the right hardware, you can easily start Ring’s new E2EE. E2EE is Only available on a few devices at startup:

  • Video Doorbell Professional Edition
  • Video doorbell elite
  • Floodlight cam
  • Indoor cam
  • Spotlight cam wiring
  • Spotlight cam bracket
  • Stick to cam plug
  • Stick to Cam Elite

More support may be added in the future, but for now, you need one of these devices to use E2EE.You also need to use the latest version of the Ring app in the following locations Any android Either iOS device You want to register. If these requirements are met, you can open E2EE in the Ring app:

  1. Open the ringtone app.
  2. go with Control Center>Video Encryption>Advanced Settings.
  3. select “Video end-to-end encryption”.
  4. Tap the slider to turn on the function, then tap “start using.”
  5. Please follow the in-app instructions to register your account, mobile device and ring camera as end-to-end encryption.
  6. You can disable E2EE at any time in the following ways: “Video End-to-End Encryption” Slider.

The system will ask you to generate a password during the setup process-don’t lose the password! Unable to recover, all encrypted videos you own will be lost. You must restart using another mobile device to use E2EE again.

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