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How to request a PS5 adapter for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has been around for 4 years, but when the PlayStation 5 console was launched next month, the company did not give up. The headset is compatible with the new system, but you will need a special adapter. Sony released an online application form on Wednesday. If you want to get an online application form for free, you need to fill it out.

The adapter is not actually an adapter for the headset itself, but a PlayStation camera accessory that is used to perform tracking when wearing a PSVR headset, because the new PS5 HD camera accessory is not compatible with the headset. In addition, Sony also confirmed that you should be able to plug a PSVR headset into the PS5 and use the existing PlayStation Move controller to play all games except the two PSVR games.

To qualify for the free adapter, you need to provide the PSVR serial number and some basic personal information, including the shipping address where the camera adapter can be used outside of Japan sometime in November. (It will be launched in Japan at the end of October.) It is not clear whether the adapter will be sold separately at some point in the future, and now, all our rumors indicate that a potential sequel to Sony headphones will be completely sold out. Compatible with PS5.

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