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How to play games on Android Auto

For example, Android Auto now supports wallpaper, so users can select a new home screen background directly from their host.

Just go to the settings screen in Android Auto and choose a new wallpaper. You can preview the selected wallpaper with just one click, and then click “Finish” to save your changes immediately.

But Android Auto 6.1 has more features. One of the most exciting features is the support for games.

I know what games in Android Auto you are thinking about? Are they even allowed to drive? They appear in the form developed by Google.

This new feature cannot play FIFA 21 or Gran Turismo on your console, but you can actually use Google Assistant to launch voice-based games that don’t require a screen.Take a closer look at the new game
Therefore, in theory, playing games on Android Auto is like playing games with other people in the car, because the whole purpose of this feature is to provide a conversation-based experience between each other.

However, what you need to know is that these games are not specific to Android Auto, but are actually supported by Google Assistant and can also be made available to Android users on their phones.In other words, you will get the same lineup of games as Android users, including Trivia crack with Danger.

In addition, playing games while navigating with Android Auto can prove to be a very pleasant experience, and it can actually come in handy in heavy traffic, as long as you play the game. However, you should not watch it, so make sure you focus on the road anyway.

This is actually why the game was developed using a voice-based approach from the beginning. Because you can control everything with your voice and interact with the game without touching it, you can always keep your sight on the road.

How to play Android Auto games

There are no new buttons in Android Auto to play games, and since the entire experience is powered by your voice, launching them boils down to the same method.

Just like on Android, you can use commands sent to Google Assistant to start the game.So just say “Okay, Google, let’s play a game,“, then Google Assistant should wake up and start one of the two headings above.

Every time you encounter a problem, you can use your voice to answer, so you don’t have to look at the screen or touch anything on the console to play the game.

This is why the only game currently supported is trivia with Danger, Because they both allow a conversation-based experience, but Google is likely to use the same method to add more content in the next few months.

After playing the game, you can ask Google Assistant to do other things, or tell it to “End Game“, then you should return to the standard experience on Android Auto.

Keep in mind that these games are only available in the Android Auto 6.1 update, and as long as Google Assistant is enabled on your device. Needless to say, this means that you must live in one of the areas where Google Assistant can be used and use a supported language, such as English, throughout the process.

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