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How to fix Black Ops Cold War Xbox Series X crash issue

When trying to use Double XP tokens in the “Black Ops” Cold War, “Call of Duty” players have been in trouble. Many of them have come to Reddit to point out the problem, and they have asked Activision to make major changes.

Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Brought a lot of exciting content for players. In the first season, you can unlock new weapons and playable operators. In addition, Activision recently held a series of Double XP events for these two games.

Many players who have obtained battle passes have obtained Double XP tokens from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare This season. However, this is not good enough. A post on Reddit highlights the issues players have to deal with when using them. They hope that some major changes will happen soon.

BOCW fans want to change the Double XP token

For a solid year, many fans have been facing the problem of the Double XP token. The biggest complaint is that using them requires always finding a match, which makes the token look like an unnecessary hassle.

Reddit user u/Tritonpr95x published an article on this issue in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. Players said that wasting time to find matches on tokens is really annoying, and it takes a long time to find games.

“It’s really lame, you waste too much time looking for matches on the token. Not sure what it is, but after some searches, it seems that many people have encountered the same problem, that it takes forever to find a match Time. Cross-play enabled.”

Many other participants in the comments also shared this view. They agreed that the tokens should be “timed in the game”, and they should function like those tokens in Infinity War that you have a great game, and then double your XP.

You will receive a notification in the game to inform you of this problem, so both the developer and Activision know that this problem is bothering players. Although various articles have been published on this topic, they have not announced plans to fix it soon.

Some comments are particularly problematic for the 15-minute XP token. A critic from u/Darkestneon criticized that you can only get one of them in the game, and then you end up spending most of your time waiting in the lobby.

“That’s why 15-minute XP tokens are a scam. They only allow you to use them for one MP game. Then, you lose 5 minutes in the lobby and suitcase. You lose a third of the battle pass you paid for Of tokens.

This is a scam. Give me a token for at least 30 minutes. 15 minutes is almost useless. I agree that they should play in the game”

You can activate the old Double XP token

The best way to solve this problem is to enter the lobby first and then activate the token a second second before the map starts to load. In addition, as another user pointed out, you can activate the old token from Warzone and then jump into the Cold War to reap the benefits of your own Double XP collection.

When a player tried the method, the method still worked, and then he said, “Thank me for doing this, it really works. Now, it’s enough to talk about it before they catch the wind to prevent it from working in a certain way. .”

Some participants in the thread commented that they have not encountered problems of this magnitude. Some of them reported that they joined the game after waiting in the lobby for a minute. However, this problem is more common than it has been for some time.

Image Credit: Activision/Treyarch

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