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Rainer Sabin, Orion Sang and Chris Solari defeated Saturday̵

7;s Michigan Wolverines vs. Michigan State Spartans in Ann Arbor on Halloween.

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Michigan State football Even in the worst season for the Spartans, Mark Dantonio’s game against Michigan State proved to be competitive.

Until last year.

The Wolverines defeated Missouri State 44-10. This was Dantonio’s worst loss to Michigan State during his 13-year tenure, and it was also the only time Michigan State beat him in two consecutive games.

Exit Dantonio and enter Mel Tucker.

Spartan’s new coach did the job for him when he and his team went to Michigan Stadium. The odds are very leaning towards Wolverine, who is ranked 13th, and the odds for entering Saturday are 24½.

So how can Tucker do what his mentor Nick Saban has done in Missouri State University (MSU) history-defeating Michigan State in his first game? Spartans can get out of trouble in three ways:

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Use offensive organizers

Quarterback Rocky Lombardi (Rocky Lombardi) demonstrated the ability to move the Spartans off the field with his arms, and lost 319 yards in the opening game of the 38-27 season against Rutgers Middle School. This may be the strongest aspect of its defense. Juniors need to maintain accuracy before passing the ball to receivers Jayden Reed and Jalen Nailor, who totaled 212 yards and scored 3 TDs on 17 catches. This is a step in the game and everyone is looking at those two, so offensive coordinator Jay Johnson must distract the Michigan defenders and then try to use his slot players and the tight ends of the midrange to soften the inside. De and Gnar’s defensive field.

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Win the battle

The Spartans’ struggles on the offensive route over the past two years are well documented, and Saturday’s loss shows that there is still a steep learning curve to produce a running game. This requires a change in the confrontation with Wolverine, which seems to have an advantage in the competition with Kwity Paye and Aidan Hutchinson, and an advantage in the competition with Carlo Kemp and Donovan Jeter. The Spartans must evoke the most cohesive block performance since 2017 in order to gain traction on the ground.

On the other hand, Michigan State University needs defensive end Jacub Panasiuk (Jacub Panasiuk) to produce like he did last year to match his performance against Drew Beesley last week. The interior remained strong, showing physical strength in the four tackles of Naquan Jones, Jacob Slade, Dashaun Mallory and Jalen Hunt. However, linebackers Antjuan Simmons and Noah Harvey caused the damage and prevented Michigan’s dribbling carts, especially quarterback Joe Milton and guard Hassan. Haskins and Zach Chabonnet’s three-headed offense could not enter the second level 4-2-5 defense of the Spartans’ new car.

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Few errors

Michigan State’s seven errors against Rutgers will not reduce the number of errors against Michigan State. Eliminating these problems is Tucker’s top priority this week. To do this, Lombard and Reid (the three of their five turnovers at Missouri State University combined) need to hold on to the ball instead of trying to overplay it. This means that Nailor can’t throw the pan down, and he and Reed need to generate positive gains and make smart decisions in the return game.

Defensively, the Spartans must rush to the ball and hit someone first, and not get caught up in thinking about where they should be. And what needs to be understood from the coach is that every opportunity to score is a valuable opportunity while still maintaining a positive play style.

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