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How old is the security patch on your phone?

Samsung recently revealed that it will provide an impressive four-year security update for mobile phones. Coupled with its leading position in our regular Android update tracker, the company is quickly becoming the king of Android updates. In light of this news, we would love to know that your phone may be up to date. If you just want to browse the settings application for a moment, let’s compare it: which Android security patch level is your phone running?

In case you missed the news, Samsung revealed that it will update its phones for four years from now-this change will not only apply to upcoming devices, but even to phones as old as the Galaxy S10 series. Only six months after the company stepped up to guarantee the three-year OS update. Google and Qualcomm have announced that devices using Snapdragon 888 technology should be able to obtain four-year security patches, and other manufacturers may also fulfill their promises of new phones. But Samsung’s commitment to older devices is quickly making it the king of Android updates. Just check the age of some phones in their current update list.

We will try our best to keep track of the security patch updates that major smartphones get, and it will paint interesting pictures. Most people are only interested in the shiny, large-scale Android version upgrades that will debut new features or be redesigned, but in fact, the monthly patches can actually protect your phone. You may be excited about additional picture-in-picture features or customization options, but basic content such as digital banking, communications, and even the safe use of social media depends on the security of smartphones, and not all manufacturers care about the subject.Too much

Security patch level on Pixel 5 running Android 12 (left) and Galaxy Z Flip (right).

So, what security patch level is your current primary phone running? It is always expressed as a date, such as February 1, 2021, it should be listed in “Settings”-usually in the “About Phone” section near the bottom, but you can also just search for “Android Patch”, “Security “Update” or something similar and find it. The exact date of the patch level may vary slightly (each announcement usually has two levels), but this is the month and year we are interested in.

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