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How do we deal with Halloween, the full moon and time changes, everything is before the election

Our demon is out. Campaign signs are scattered on the streets of our community, with tombstones, simulated murder scenes and bones scattered on them. This year makes people feel a bit personal. This year, death is shrouded like a cloud.

We have all spent several months struggling with the presidential election and the global pandemic, and this Saturday feels like a night of emotional climax, a sick moment, a year of death and suspense. Halloween, the change of daylight saving time and the full moon are all arranged on a strange night.

Although this year has reduced trick-or-treating and Halloween parties due to physical alienation and concerns about the spread of the coronavirus, scholars say that admitting (if not sufficiently celebrated) a night dedicated to dementia is a useful escape. This is a way of clearing the mood of the year until our political intentions are announced on November 3.

It may be a good thing to allow some deliberate confusion in our spirit. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “If you want to give birth to a dancing star, one must fall into chaos.”


Halloween night is also full moon

The tension of the narrative is very tight, and all these will come together on the night of the full moon, which will only make this nonsense even more weird.

“This is a troublesome moment for many reasons. Even for those who don’t believe in supernatural phenomena, we will act like us. The metaphysical energy at this moment is huge,” said Reggia, a senior lecturer in Boston rhetoric. Na Hansen said. University, co-authored “Supernatural, Human and Soul: On the Highway to Hell and Back”.

Halloween is essentially an opportunity to become a stranger in a strange area. You can live a new self in one night. This may mean the desire to realize the dream of being a child of an astronaut. You can live in a character who is braver, stronger or more criminal than you.

She said: “Everything is higher, everything is higher. There is an almost magical sense of freedom.” “The children control the night. They go to strangers’ houses and don’t ask for sweets.”

Or, it may be a way of expressing political irony, making it an undead version of the politician you want to exile.

Changing the clock is a bad idea-sleep experts say it should end

This may mean putting on a bloody suit, wearing a tie, and dividing the hair like a zombie politician (completed). Taboo thoughts are recognized, even if it is only one night.

The full moon of Halloween is also a blue moon. Although the moon does not actually look blue, the blue moon refers to the second of two full moons that occur in the same month, which occurs every 2.5 to 3 years, or “once in the blue moon.”

Approximately once every 19 years, the full moon will appear on Halloween, so of course there will be another rare feat in 2020. Note that the full moon rises on Saturday because Halloween will not happen again until many time zones in 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096.

Although the full moon has long been associated with our obsession with madness and werewolves (the term “lunatic” comes from “moon”), there is no strong scientific evidence that this happens when a pale sphere hangs above our heads More crimes.

Rare full

Data continues to accumulate, but daylight saving time may bring some confusion. We calibrated our lives and sorted them by letter, and then we moved the clock to a chaotic position.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine pointed out in a position statement issued in August that daylight saving time was abolished, accusing the biannual time change of harm to cardiovascular health and mental health, as well as medication errors and traffic accidents.
Eight states have officially passed legislation to end our countdown ceremony, and another 32 states are waiting for the bill.

There are ways to move yourself forward and prevent mistakes due to changes in the circadian rhythm.

AASM President Mayo Clinic’s sleep medicine expert Dr. Kannan Ramar said in an earlier interview with CNN: “You already know it is coming.” “A few days to a week before then, slowly move the schedule to that time. The scope will be very helpful.”

Halloween far away

Although Halloween is a night to get rid of the shackles, finding a way to safely prevent it during a pandemic is still crucial.

CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana S. Wen said: “Really don’t gather with people who are not at home indoors, but focus on the outdoors.” Emergency physician and guest at the Milken Institute of George Washington University Professor School of Public Health. “There are many creative ways to celebrate Halloween outdoors, and it’s much safer.”

Every day, the number of new coronavirus cases surges, reaching nearly 70,000. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the 7-day average of new cases is at the highest level since the pandemic began.
During Covid-19, how can we safely conduct Halloween? Advice from Dr. Leana Wen of CNN

Regardless of whether you have a major plan for this weekend, it is valuable to take a moment to acknowledge this moment, reflect on our deep universal impulse to face the fear of death, and then continue to survive.

Boston University literary scholar Hansen explained that celebrating the tragedy alone during the pandemic could mean shrinking Stephen King’s novel or favorite horror film.

It may also be Ray Bradbury’s novel “Halloween Tree” (Halloween Tree), which is one of her favorite Halloween novels. This novel tells some trick-or-treating children to understand the origin of the holiday . This story left a deep impression on the children: “Just let the pure excitement of being alive and invigorating pull their lungs this night and make their throats become yelling…yelling… …And yelling!”

Immediately before the presidential election, on Halloween, drawing a line between the full moon and time changes may be a focus. But then again, maybe there is something there.

Hansen said: “The fact that we pursue contingency fully illustrates that we as human beings.” “This may mean that our suffering is purposeful, or at least a structure.”

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