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How Biden’s infrastructure plans make high-speed trains railroad

With the help of Allie Bice

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it is known Joe Biden Like-ok, train-train.

He wrote that Amtrak employees provided him with “a completely different family.” The Amtrak station in Wilmington, Delaware is named after him. In 2006, his son became a locomotive expert Hunter Biden Join Amtrak’s board of directors-the Senate easily confirmed him through a voice vote.

Therefore, the infrastructure plan he proposed this week includes US$80 billion for national and intercity railroads over eight years, or US$10 billion per year, which is not surprising, which is five times the US$2 billion subsidy that Amtrak receives each year.

what used to be Surprisingly, in Biden̵

7;s nearly 12,000-word plan, the term “high-speed rail” is absent.

When Biden was ordered to implement the “Restoration Act” in 2009, his favorite move was to earmark $8 billion for high-speed trains. He equated it with the beginning of the interstate highway system and sold it to workers and environmentalists for a win-win situation. He raised billions of dollars in high-speed rail funding in the following years to help create a nationwide bullet train system.

But even the main advocates of those plans now admit that they have failed.

“The high-speed rail plan proposed by Vice President Biden and our team turned out to be very disappointing,” he said. Ray Lahoud, The then Minister of Transportation. The quick options Biden promised in Tampa, Milwaukee, and San Francisco to Los Angeles still do not exist after more than a decade.

The Republican governors of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida saw an opportunity to earn political scores and prove their fiscal discipline by investing heavily in the aforementioned projects. But Lahoud said part of the problem is the high cost of building a new production line from scratch.

California happily took the federal money. But the cost of these projects exceeded expectations, and the state now says that the San Francisco-Los Angeles rail line will not arrive until 2033. By the end of this century, the Acela Corridor on the West Coast will also be revised.

After the experience, LaHood believes that Biden will focus on “Strengthen the current Amtrak system,” not on the turbulent Asian or European-style fronts that would cause Republicans to be hot.

He said: “Given that Biden is a strong supporter of Amtrak, I really think he hopes to improve rail services through existing lines and have the opportunity to provide some connectivity with current Amtrak lines.”

A White House official said that the rail plan includes four types of funding: Amtrak’s national network, modernization of the Northeast Corridor, intercity passenger rail, and freight rail and security.

The official said: “Although the proposed intercity railway grant program can support the new high-speed rail corridor, the ultimate focus of the plan is to support projects that provide the greatest public benefit for its costs.” “This could mean new high-speed rail lines. , It may also mean other investments that can improve service reliability, frequency or travel time but do not meet the threshold of the definition of “high-speed rail.”

Compared with many touted railways, the vision of improving existing services for railways is far less ambitious. At the beginning of the 21st century. But this can also avoid political backlash from Republican governors, who may be more willing to accept funding from the federal government for railroad improvements.

However, as there are more details to fill out, the high-speed rail may gain some love in the final packaging.

California High Speed ​​Rail Authority and Texas Central Station, this is a private effort to build high-speed rail between Dallas and Houston Biden praised this at the launch event in 2015, and both parties cheered on the $80 billion proposed for the railway project. The spokesperson said in a statement that Texas Central hopes to “be able to get funding from the program like other qualified projects.”

Some lawmakers also plan to lobby to include high-speed rail funds in the final package.

“It is embarrassing that the United States, the world’s richest country, lags behind almost every industrialized country in terms of high-speed rail.” Brandon Boyle (D-Pa.) said in a statement that he endorsed Biden’s campaign early in his campaign. “I will continue to work hard, especially in the Northeast Corridor where it is needed most.”

Despite the experience of the 2009 Recovery Act, the high-speed rail is still the champion of the government.The Secretary for Transport was asked about high-speed rail in the southwest last month Peter Buttigieg According to the conversation transcript provided by Central Texas, he called it a “wise choice.”

“I think that American citizens should enjoy the highest level of passenger rail service, and there is no reason why in Texas, what American citizens can get should not be inferior to the passenger rail options available to American citizens. Japan, the United Kingdom , Turkish, Italian or Chinese citizens.”

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At Camp David, he traveled with the first lady in the Marines Jill Biden, BRUCE REED, HANHANNES ABRAHAM, Anthony Bernard And his body man, STEPHEN GOEPFERT.

He discussed the number of jobs in March earlier in the day. He expressed his condolences to his family. William Evans, Congressional police were killed today in the mission.

He said in a statement: “When we mourned the loss of another brave congressional policeman, I have ordered the reduction of the White House flag to half mast.”

There are no public events.

With the Presidential Transition Center

Minister of the Interior DEB HAALAND Oversees more than 400 national parks across the country-which two presidents have the most national parks named after them?

(The answer is at the bottom.)

Budget delay- Biden’s budget release has been delayed, CAITLIN EMMA report.Spokesperson for the Office of Management and Budget Rob Friedlander The confirmation will not be released today as government officials expected, but added that they “plan to issue a discretionary request soon.” Friedlander did not specify when.

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Diplomatic IRL —The White House announced today that Biden’s The first face-to-face bilateral exchange will be held with the Prime Minister of Japan on April 16. Sugiyoshi In Washington.

conflict- Biden’s efforts to find the Department of Justice’s highest trust destroying role have stalled due to ethical issues, which include both candidates representing Silicon Valley giants and critics representing large technology companies.

LEAH NYLEN Wrote, question prompt A major candidate Let the department play its greatest antitrust role and get itself out of trouble.And this will also pose a major obstacle to Biden’s recruitment Jonathan Kanter, This is a progressive favorite that has complained about Google on behalf of many customers.

You are required to accept: The White House announced the right to select three deputy ministers at the Department of Defense on Friday night, and senators from both parties announced the news a few days later. Connor O’Brien They worry about the lack of movement in filling senior positions in the Pentagon.

Biden Project Nomination Former Director of Operations of the National Security Agency Ronald Maori Served as the Deputy Minister of Intelligence and Security Affairs of the Ministry of National Defense; Michael McCord Served as the Deputy Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), he also served in the Obama administration; and the former CEO of Symantec Michael Brown Responsible for procurement and maintenance of the Deputy Minister of Defense.

More than two months after that… Biden talks with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY) For the first time since taking office in January, this morning was reported that the Russian military build-up in eastern Ukraine shocked US and Ukrainian officials.

The leader spoke for 30 to 40 minutes, According to people familiar with the matter.The White House’s remarks in the conversation said that Biden “faced Russia’s continuous aggression against Donbass and Crimea, and reiterated the United States’ firm support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” Natasha Bertrand with Lara Seligman.

Undo button: Biden today lifted sanctions and visa restrictions on officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC). This is the latest foreign policy reversal of the Trump administration. These policies are in place partly because of the efforts of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the actions of the United States and other parties in Afghanistan. Leather box Report (follow her here!)

The Biden administration reiterated its opposition to these investigations. The Secretary of State said: “We continue to strongly oppose the actions of the International Chamber of Commerce in Afghanistan and Palestine.” Shiny Tony Said. “However, we believe that by cooperating with all stakeholders in the ICC proceedings, rather than imposing sanctions, we can better address our concerns about these cases.”

Some Democrats worry about Biden’s Egypt policy (The Washington Post)

Trump’s last-minute rule will allow vaccine manufacturers to increase prices (“Intercept”)

The soldier stated that she was sexually assaulted by 22 soldiers at the Oklahoma base (“Intercept”).

Washington DC residents cancel appointments, giant postpones vaccine orders (Washington Post)

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Before becoming the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas Greenfield Former President, Ambassador of Liberia Barack Obama From 2008 to 2012.

But when she was first appointed as an ambassador, she actually suggested working in another African country.

In an interview with the UN press conference, Thomas-Greenfield said that during her tenure as the State Department’s Chief Deputy Minister for African Affairs, she was “very involved in the review and review of senior individuals who have become African ambassadors.”

When the assistant secretary at the time asked her where she wanted to go, Thomas Greenfield suggested Gambia.

Thomas Greenfield recalled: “She looked at me and she said,’No, I think it’s important for you to go to the Gambia Asia Pacific.’ (No offense to the Gambians!)

She said: “Why not consider Kenya?” I said: “If you really think that I am capable of being the Ambassador of Kenya, then I want to be the Ambassador of Liberia.”

A solid negotiation, Linda.

She said that she joined Liberia because the country made history at the time.

“They will disappear after 14 years of civil war and the first woman elected was once the president of Africa. I think they are helping her as a presidential success and part of the history of terminology… and also ensuring our pursuit of our own agenda and ourselves Benefits,” she explained.

Teddy Roosevelt with Abraham Lincoln According to the National Park Conservation Association, both countries have four national parks named after them.

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