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Detroit the Detroit Lions in the midseason about the good and the bad, and how is the situation against Washington this week? Taken on November 1

2, 2020.

Detroit Free Press

Former Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) has once again become a news figure, and the reason does not positively reflect his brilliant career in Detroit.

Johnson appeared on the “All Smoke” podcast of former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. He revealed that he had played for the Green Bay Packers for a long time in his career with the Lions. He even claimed to have told Packers QB Aaron Rogers during a match between two opponents in the NFC North.

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Barnes asked Johnson to name the quarterback he wanted to play with. “Megatron” doesn’t even need a second of thinking before blurting out “Aaron Rodgers”.

Johnson also said: “Whenever we hit Green Bay, whenever Aaron Rodgers is on our sideline, he will say:’Hey, you need to come over. I said, “I wish I could. “

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This is the latest verse of the tension between the future Hall of Fame receiver and the Lions organization.

Full interviews and episodes are available on YouTube, which are definitely not safe for work or young children: