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His house review: Netflix’s horror movie reshaped the fear of haunted houses

All immigrants came to their new country hopefully. Asylum seekers who have left their homes due to war or other unrest bear the heaviest burden-they feel heavier by the obvious trauma. Even if they come to another country, their fate is in danger. For example, the United States only provided asylum to more than 30% of applicants in 2019. In the same year, the acceptance rate in the UK increased to 58%. However, even asylum seekers who are granted refugee status must comply with a series of harsh requirements, otherwise they may be deported.The immigration system is full of inner fears and Netflix̵

7;s new haunted house movie His house Exposed a lot.

Bol (Sope Dirisu, AMC London Gangs) And Rial (HBO’s Wunmi Mosaku Lovecraft country) Are refugees fleeing South Sudan with the suffering of war. In order to escape, they first boarded a flatbed full of trucks, and then braved the stormy water on a motorboat full of things. Although they survived dangerous intersections, their daughters and many others did not. That kind of pain haunts Boll and Rial. Three months later, when they were finally granted asylum in the UK, the government assigned them a simple house in the suburbs of London. Then the ghosts of their past came to life. The debut of Remi Weekes’s directorial debut not only exposed the horrors of the immigration system, but also made survivors feel intimidated by the clever, shocking thriller.

The Sudanese couple symbolize the two paths that immigrants are forced to walk between the new countries. Ball tried to absorb. He sang football songs, asked Rial to use utensils instead of her hands when eating, and even changed his way of dressing, opening the movie with a brown velvet shirt, and then turning into a plain gray polo shirt. He wants to prove to the government that he and Rial are “good guys.” On the other hand, Rial insists on its own culture. She kept her daughter’s necklace, dressed in colorful clothes, and sat on the floor to eat instead of using the table. Their divergent reactions led Weekes to explore future fears through his tense script.

Sudanese refugees Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku ate dinner on the floor of his unfurnished (and very haunted) townhouse in his residence.

Photo: Aidan Monaghan/Netflix

There is a lot of fear. Weekes’ thriller evokes vague, unknown things that can be a sensation at night. For Bol and Rial, it started with the sound of children snickering, and then the sound of their feet. Too many ghost stories take too long to tease fear. On the other hand, he did not hesitate to spread his terror within a few weeks to achieve the effect of improving the hair. He started with a violent jump fear.Ghost is His house Most of them move in the shadows or behind a wall, so the audience can hear them, but they can’t see them until they attack. They often attack. Weekes also relies on a mix of cunning practical effects and visual effects: the ghoul jumps from an extraordinary height, inserts a knife into the Bol, and then decomposes the image of the face, and the ocean illusion full of corpses. This is a kind of tactile supernatural violence.

Most haunted houses are Gothic, or Supernatural, Smartly suburban.But the building is deteriorating His house Subvert those expectations. Neighbors’ trash-sofas, mattresses, and tattered patio chairs-litter the protagonist’s yard. The bare wires passed through a cracked hole in the inner wall of their house. Usually, these holes are filled with ghost faces, which is really daunting. Bol and Rial did not have the landlord to carry out the necessary repairs.Even their kind probation officer Mark (Matt Smith, from Doctor Who with Crown) Provide punishment rather than help, threatening that any complaint about the house may hinder their asylum case. This setting is an ingenious transformation of the old haunted house decorations, which can prevent the family from leaving the cursed house.in His house, Any attempt to obtain a new housing will be considered a violation of Bol and Rian’s refugee status and may result in deportation. This is a familiar process, but since refocusing is rarely done, it applies to specific black immigration traumas.

However, this house not only exposed their loneliness and vulnerability to the legal system. It is combined with their ordinary but threatening neighborhood to explain their mental state.In the carol shineFor example, Rial left the couple’s home to see a doctor. She lost her way due to the new environment and met a boy who was playing football on the wall. No matter which direction she turned, she could not escape the chance to see the boy again. The simple maze is Weekes’ clever use of reality, illustrating how learning an unfamiliar land can bring its own fear. The same paranoia seeps into the couple’s residence. The ghost on the wall metaphors the traumatic memory of the couple, crawling out of the cracks in their subconscious.

Sudanese refugee Bor (Sope Dirisu) cautiously turned on the clothes in the Netflix movie

Photo: Aidan Monaghan/Netflix

His house It will form a dual feature of great suspense with the ghost story of Mati Diop Atlantic. Both witnesses witnessed Africans crossing the dangerous sea in order to live a better life in Europe, but later fell into a watery grave. However, both also show travelers who the dead seek revenge in the afterlife.When the ghost comes in Atlantic Retaliation against the enemies who oppose the manipulation of capitalism, they deny their bright future, His house Targeting their compatriots immigrants. The great mystery of the thriller is the specific reason, and when the mystery is revealed, it shows the impossible decisions necessary for survival.

Because the core of this ghost story is the inside of the survivor. Mark mentioned that usually, eight to nine refugee families might share a house-a bit clever omen-but Boll and Rial have their own new home. Ball asked sharply: “Why are we so special?” Ball’s frequently repeated phrase “we are one of the good people” also implies the same message: He thinks they survived for a reason, while others did not. Even so, they cannot escape the feeling that they shouldn’t be living. As Bol and Rial competed and then disintegrated, both Dirisu and Mosaku were tired from the tight live performances.

Although not every element His house To play a role, the way neighbors react to their presence does not fully satisfy the real fear that Africans feel in a white environment. Instead, Weekes used some local black children awkwardly. But the parts that did hit hit the depths, especially the final images of the movie. These images conveyed a powerful ending in a sea of ​​pain.week His house This is a horrible debut, injecting fresh sound into the haunted house genre.

His house Yes Can now stream on Netflix.

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