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Have you signed out of WhatsApp?

Between the changes in the WhatsApp terms of service, the retirement of support for the old operating system, and the ongoing privacy scuffles of Whatsapp owner Facebook on the iOS platform, many people have switched from WhatsApp to other messaging services-including Elon Musk. Today’s poll asks: Have you ever tried and abandoned WhatsApp (assuming you use it completely)?

Switching messaging apps can be the hardest thing online without having to change your primary email address. To a large extent, this is because it is not entirely up to you. All of us are busy using everything our friends and family have, and convincing everyone to jump with you is a difficult task. (For this reason, I still have to use Google Hangouts.)

In the United States, this means that things like SMS are still widely used because it is the basic commonality between everyone who owns a mobile phone, but in many other markets, WhatsApp dominates. Recently, this trend seems to be shifting-the change between the intrusive changes in the app’s privacy policy and the negative perception of the parent company Facebook is not unexpected. We have seen that privacy advocates and ordinary people are very active in promoting services such as turn signals and telegrams, and people seem to be paying attention in an unprecedented way.

So, are you switching from WhatsApp to other? Feel free to make your suggestions (if you have anything that might help your readers) or any tips to attract friends and family to convert.

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