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Have you ever been angry and abandoned the controller?

It’s time to broadcast “Ask Kotaku” every Monday, Kosaku-ites specifically discussed an looming issue. Then we ask you to take it.

This week we asked Kotaku: Have you ever raged and threw a controller?

Good thing, he was born in the heyday of Ninja Gaiden.

Good things he was born a long time later Ninja GaidenHeyday.
Screenshot: Tecmo / MobyGames


Although I have never thrown a controller myself, I have always been with people who once owned a controller. In fact, I helped him enter this world. My son Seamus is only 9 years old. He damaged two TVs by throwing the Xbox One controller in the normal direction. Although I didn’t see this happening myself – the TV was placed in the children’s room – his twin Archer had spoken to him on both occasions. From a brother’s point of view it was bad, but from the perspective of parenting From the angle of view, it can be viewed.

Interestingly, none of the controller throws was due to frustration with the game. I believe this is the first time because the battery of the Xbox controller has run out. After that incident, people had a long discussion about how to replace a few AA batteries cheaper than a $500 TV set. The second time it was because the controller button got stuck on some kind of rough kid. Melted chocolate, thick juice, and possibly some mucus. All of the reasons I have my own controllers are that they can no longer be used without antibacterial wipes.

Maybe it’s not so much the controller has nothing to do with it, it’s a fuse to toss things up. The reason I say this is because Archer recently removed our Alexa from the second floor balcony, because I let Rednecks play “Cotton-Eye Joe” again. Maybe I just need to stop laughing at the children.


I have never thrown a controller, and frankly, if someone I’m playing suddenly gets angry and starts throwing projectiles, then I would be very surprised. I will also be very moved. Like, grab yourself, you make me feel deceived. (Not difficult, of course.)

But of course I have my own small outbreak, just dialing back 3 or 4 instead of 11. When I was young, I occasionally broke out in frustration from eating shit in some high-risk games. Okay, maybe it’s also recent. In particularly frustrating moments, I even hit my right thigh with moderate force. I don’t remember to notice bruises in the future, but it’s all the same, my legs don’t deserve it. Sorry, Beilei!

Sometimes, when the game makes me feel uncomfortable, and it is not too serious, I will squeeze the controller very hard and start to twist each side in the opposite direction, as if I was trying to separate it. But once the plastic started to creak, I immediately backed down because my mother raised me too well to destroy the perfect gamepad. Damn things are expensive these days! However, before I make another attempt of my own, it feels good to exude a little excitement.

It has received some favor at Pixar.  It has received some favor at Pixar.
image: Zack Zwiezen


I threw the controller gently onto the sofa or bed in frustration. At these moments, I don’t want to break them, I just free myself from the game. However, I am going to blow up a family member, and my brother has abandoned some controllers.

When I was young, an incident that occurred to me happened.He is playing games on Xbox 360, maybe Madden Or a FIFA Game, he was angry. After a while, he threw his controller throughout the room. We have a wooden floor, and the controller left a big obvious dent in the wood. Shockingly, the controller is still working. The handle is a little broken, but some tape fixes it. He once again slammed the controller into the floor with so much force, and even though the battery pack flew out, it bounced back into his hand.

In recent years, he has relaxed, which is good because the controller is not cheap. I tried to explain to him that destroying the controller is not a good idea, but he doesn’t care! One of my rules is that he cannot play with my controller. And he never did.Instead, he collected some slightly broken gamepads, which is better than using Grand Theft Auto Online People’s Congress.

The queen is on her throne.  The queen is on her throne.
photo: Lisa Marie Segarra

Lisa Marie

I treat my controller with the utmost respect. I clean them regularly and store them neatly. I will never feel frustrated with them. You are all crazy.


I have never been someone who would lose video game controllers, especially considering their prices these days. But, I’m always around… From the moment I participated in a fighting game tournament, I was full of anger.

In competitions such as the Evolution Champions series, it is not uncommon for someone to pass through the competitor’s area and hear roars or screams when someone crosses their butt. Although this did not happen in my neighborhood, it did happen with throwing mats and arcade joysticks, although it may not be as frequent as it happened nearby. Smash community.

I fully understand, don’t get me wrong. The frustration of losing what you like, coupled with the fact that another person may have just eliminated you from an important game, may make anyone angry. I want people to count to 10 and take a breath before they go crazy, but as long as you don’t hurt anyone, do what you want!

What about you

KosakuWe have weighed in, but what do you want to do? Have you entered full anger mode, or has your basic impulses dulled by quiet contemplation and a life of contemplation? You have something to say! We will return next Monday to discuss and debate another nerd issue. See you in the comments!


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