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Happy 35th birthday, The Legend of Zelda

Total recallTotal recall“Total Recall” reviews the history of video games through characters, franchises, developers and trends.

On February 21, 1986, The Legend of Zelda Released on Famicom in Japan.It’s okay, Nintendo did more The Legend of Zelda Game, we have been having fun ever since.

It’s easy to turn this type of post into a general review. The checklist can review some of the biggest and most important video games in the history of the media, but for this kind of thing You can scan this list written by Jason A lot of heavy work has been completed.

Instead, I think I want to take this opportunity thank Series, especially a game.

I grew up in Australia in the 80s and 90s, which means I was not indoctrinated by Nintendo like most American kids my age.In the 8-bit era, Sega achieved disproportionate success. I spent a lot of time on Commodore 64 and PC, except for some games. Mario Here and there, some Street Fighter II with Super Star Wars After a while on my friend’s SNES and then Crush On N64, I have been an adult without any Nintendo experience.

When I was in my early 20s, I lived with my good friend Kevin (Kevin), he was more proficient in Nintendo than Nintendo, and he had just acquired the brand new Nintendo GameCube and copy. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

As a gray-headed PC player (to be honest, this is an unbearable bastard), at first I was a little bit noisy about the idea of ​​playing Nintendo games. I soon discovered that I had never seen such a game.This game is live, The perfect combination of timeless art design and rhythmic combat action. Compared to any game I have played before or after, I love it even more.Indeed i am and so In love, I often sit down and watch others play it.

The same was true for Kev, and the same was true for our other friend Geez, so when we sat down to watch each other’s game, something quickly happened, that was we came up with a way very much Cooperative single player game. We didn’t use clocks or timers or any such precise tools, we just played it coolly and could feel when it was time to pass the controller. Maybe after dying in the dungeon, maybe after sailing, maybe after getting hooked on the puzzle, maybe because you had to shit. any!

This appeared before the YouTube reminder video era. Therefore, as long as we encounter countless obstacles to the game, we should not fight alone or turn to GameFAQs. We are just joking and working together, working hard, trying together and thinking about the game. Problem, when a player’s stubby thumb makes them fail, we can team up and see which one of us can beat Windrunner More positive challenges.

This is a magical game, but playing together can make it more valuable more.I know it sounds silly to the average person, he may have only played the game and liked it very much, but Wind Waker(By no means designed for this) is still my favorite co-op experience of all time.

When we finished it, I shed tears for the majesty of all this, Something I wrote here before.I still think Wind Waker It’s my favorite game of all time. Most of the time, when I’m asked why I give a very predictable response: it’s the visual effects of the game, the end of the world scene, the dangerously underrated battle, or Only at most Atmosphere Every time you play a beach game.

But in fact, although I deeply like all these reasons, I may also like it because the time I spend on playing is unforgettable.To consider Wind Waker Now, as a married man with children and a mortgage, I go back in time. It was the most pressing problem of my life, which was gathering with friends, ordering pizza, drinking beer and taking an adventure.

Memories like this are the best memories we hope to have in this ever-changing world, so today is still worthy of thanks The Legend of Zelda-with Wind Waker Especially for mine.

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